From Myth to 21st Century science . . .

Today there is a growing hypothesis circling the globe:

"Our Planet - Mother Earth - is a Living Being
and all life forms are her offspring."

Therefore, we humans could be said to be "Her" children,
with the inherent ability to become super-conscious adults.

This is the Gaia Hypothesis (pronounced Gay-a) named after the Greek word for the 'Earth Mother' - Gaea.

In 1979 James Lovelock, a British Scientist who worked for the NASA (USA) space program, reminded us of the idea that Planet Earth, like the Sun, is a conscious living being.

For just as our human body is composed of billions of cells working together as a single living being, so are the billions of life forms on Earth working together as a living super organism.



Looking at our Living Planet:

  • We can visualize the Equatorial rainforests functioning as the planet's lungs, exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide in concern with the oceans.

  • Observe the atmosphere functioning as a global respiratory system.

  • Imagine that our rivers and streams are like a circulatory system for the planetary body, bringing clean water and flushing the system.

  • Feel invisible currents of universal force that run longitudinally, latitudinally and diagonally around our planet. These unseen but sensed*Ley lines are like acupuncture meridians that carry this life force within the human body.

  • Notice that the whole planet "breathes" by contracting and expanding with the moon's gravitational pull.

  • Witness the seasonal cycles mirroring bodily changes, from the contraction of autumn to the inevitable rebirth of spring.

    When we gaze upon the global ecosystem as a whole, we find that everything works in ordered splendor and unison, overlapping from the smallest of algae, bacteria and plankton to the migration of birds, caribou and whales...

    Everything is intelligently self-regulating and acting coherently and wisely... Except human kind.

    Here we are... Homo Sapiens, forgetful progeny, mostly composed of 70% water and 30% earth, much like the surface of our mother, Gaia, Planet Earth.

    As we approach the 21st century through the media of electronic communications and space photographs, we are coming to the realization that all of humanity born on this blue and white, jewel-like planet are, like seed and spore, a product of Mother Earth.

    Since our bodies are composed of the minerals and elements of the Earth, shouldn't we be known as Gaia's children?


    For if our umbilical cord could be traced back from our mother's mother all the way back into the past, we would see that we have all come from Mother Earth.

    "And the Lord God formed us of the dust of the ground and breathed into our nostrils the breath of life and we became a living soul." Genesis 2:7

    Thus, we are all the family of humanity, being global and planetary beings. Yet will we remember to utilize our mind, the full 100% of our brain and inner potential?


    Can we feel the pulse of the Earth beneath our feet?

    Feel a deeper reality? And comprehend this magnificence?


    Today, we witness widespread disaster and tragedy.

    Wise, compassionate, visionary leadership is an essential necessity.

      Humanity has become fragmented and separated,
    brother and sister pitted against each other.

    We need no prophetic visions to tell us where such conflict is leading us...

    To Mother Earth, humans can be compared to the bacteria in and on our own bodies, basically benevolent, but when harmony and balance do not exist, the bacteria can cause illness that in some cases leads to the termination of the host.

    This is particularly noticeable in the relationship of humanity to our planet. The question is asked, will we come to the self-realization of who we really are?


    We stand naked in time and space,
    Illuminated only by the light of our own self-knowledge.

    Can we plug into and attune to an even greater universal knowledge?

    Can we Humans come to a deeper understanding
    of the source from which we spring?



    When working together for the benefit of the ecosystem as a whole, we blend in, to co-create and become dynamically one at the heart and mind of Gaia and beyond - by intelligently and intuitively aligning with her and her virtuous fecundity.

    Opening into the new century, our greatest challenge is to understand, appreciate and feel our intimate relationship with Our Planet, Her peoples, Her Flora and Fauna and to strive to resolve all conflicts, especially those of greed, war, hunger, disease and suffering.


    We must set about to renew and re-energize our water, clean up our air supply, afforest our barren marginal land and deserts with greenery and color, and eliminate all toxins and harmful residues.

    For we, big brained creatures are a vital part of the created and future evolutionary growth of Our Planet, Gaia.


    The study of ourselves as a conscious assembly of Gaia's elements reveals our inner relationship to the whole of creation, where we may open up and reconnect with our Cosmic inheritance.


    As physical Beings of Conscious Essence,
    We can embark on a Magnificent Quest,
    Co-existing with Mother Earth...
    Potentially Seeding our Solar System

    - going Galactic -

    and Beyond with Intelligence and Life..



    Working in harmony with Nature, our growth and transformation can evolve us beyond Gaia, into the cosmic whole and possibly home.

    This is the most wonderful challenge to befall us!

    For each one of us, are an assemblage of the Big Bang and over time we've emerged from Mother Earth wearing bodies and are now making the connection with where we have come from.


    We are the Universe finally discovering itself.

    For the first time in Ages.

    "Is it not written in your law?
    I have said, 'You are Gods'"

    John 10:34 The Bible


    The Gaia hypothesis does not conflict with any of the major schools of religious thought: Christ, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, Moses, Zarathustra, Mohammed and Baha'u'llah may have been among the first blossoming flowers of Gaia.

    In reflecting on the work of Plato and Pythagoras, we find their themes "know thyself (microcosm) and you will know the Universe (macrocosm)" particularly relevant in the understanding of this hypothesis.




    ... If Gaia has squeezed us out of her planetary body and we can have an 'out of the body' experience what does this make us?

    Does this mean we are more than we think we are?

    And where does the essence of a rose go?'


    Gaia as the Ancient Greeks Saw Her

    What Is Gaia?
    Text by James Lovelock 

    Books by Lovelock:

    Gaia A New Look at Planet Earth
    (Oxford University Press)
    The Ages of Gaia (Oxford University Press)
    The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine (Allen and Unwin)


    The Gaia Atlas of Planet Management
    Edited by Norman Myers (Pan Books)

    If you are practical, intelligent, have a good heart and wish to assist positive change, this superb book is for you. Solutions for a planetary society of tomorrow today.


    Earthdance 432- page book
    by Elisabet Sahtouris. ISBN: 0-595-13067-4 available at
    CDRom 90 minutes. Crises as Opportunity: An Evolutionary Leap of Humanity


    Gaia: A Way of Knowing

    Edited by William Irwin Thompson
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    * Acupuncture Meridians / Ley Lines: [Back]

    Stonehenge, Glastonbury, The Great Pyramids of Egypt and many Cathedrals of Europe are situated along these Universal Lines of Invisible Force.


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