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Kia Ora, Greetings and Welcome to ourplanet.org

Where we are situated - around the curve here in Nuclear Free Aotearoa, New Zealand in the Southern hemisphere, the last substantial country to be colonialised and the closest major country to the International Date Line. So we see tomorrow first, being 12 hours ahead of the UK, and 17 hours in advance of the USA depending on the shifts of daylight saving.

We already live in tomorrowland. Therefore, wish to shape the new paradigm by bringing peace, goodwill and a sense of unity to the 7.5 billion of us sharing breath as of this moment.

Yes, ourplanet.org endeavours to be a place and site that we trust will grow on you and that you will feel at home, be nurtured, and even find solace and also be energised as we take our sacred place in the world. Especially to realise our potential and possibilities that we all have glowing within - as latent incandescence. Difficult to comprehend this last sentence?

Please stay with us as we evolve our story.

At present, we are still in the process of unfolding our presence, however as we proceed to tell the story of now and especially how we can assist in shaping our coming future - we trust that you will find what this site offers - is compelling.

When NZ men finally allowed women the ‘vote’ back in 1893 this emancipation anchored the sacred yin in NZ - and the opportunity for women to vote on their collective and individual future and thus balancing the sacred yang of the male energy.

As a world first we in NZ are proud that women were able to claim their right to vote in both national & local elections and thus have a right to shape their collective future and we trust allow women globally to claim their right to express their needs for the first time.

As we were all born of a woman and a mother, naturally none of us truly understand how we got here prior to taking our first breath, however as an emergent species we are learning much as we mould and shape matter into tools so as to study and research deeply into the past, plus look down into the microscopic world and out into the macrocosmos and vastness of both time and space - where we find ourselves at present.

The fact that we are totally surrounded by information - mega information, that is also incredibly magical can only leave us in awe as to how this all came into being - including ourselves. How we make sense of it all - so as to become capable, coherent and caring, as we navigate our way into the journey of life - is the really big unanswered question.

What we are finding about our magnificent planet that sustains us, is that the interrelatedness is truly mind blowing especially the quantum connection as one vast interconnected information field. However, on the other hand, we have found that in our quest to exist and prosper, we have and continue to - unconsciously despoil that - which loans us a body - our planet, Mother Earth, Papatuanuku - Gaia. This is in of itself, so profoundly incongruous.

For our planet is under intensifying assault by industrial man, like never before.

So we have much work to do, which will only happen with a major shift in ‘consciousness’ as we reorient our way to a win-win future where, as a planet and person, we negotiate our way through this impasse as healthy, vital, and fulfilled human beings. As embryo gods - to co-creatively, co-operate with each other as well as our mother planet and in particular the 7.5 billion souls that we share breathe with today.

What is happening at present is the largest evolutionary leap for our species for all time.

So I do trust that you will learn much from this web site as we actively and continuously uncover the truth that will unleash multi millions of us to realise that we have been locked down and even imprisoned by our own unknowingness whilst at the same time we are surrounded by an infinite and eternal universe.

It’s time to accelerate our being. And start becoming … we may not be the first, but we could be the 2nd or 3rd or 4th...

“It’s more than a revolution, it’s a paradigm shift.”

And we are the change we wish to see in the world. Have no doubt about it.

The birth of a new spirituality - the becoming of a new human and the convergence of the Alpha and the Omega.

It is our time.

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