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We at Our Planet are an extension of the earth’s life giving process - being a small grass roots organisation dedicated to mobilising consciousness and supporting innovation and all its possibilities. As we are situated in the Southern Hemisphere not too distant from the South Pole we offer a very different perspective of our planet that we wish to share with all humankind.

As you will notice we have very little advertising as we dearly want to support only earth friendly products and services. At present we are still working day jobs so as to take things forward - yet we are very close to expanding our informational insights that are holistic, inclusive and empowering.

We want to connect with you!

We are naturally looking towards more novel ways of information sharing, be it audio, graphics, photos, and video as well as gather a team of writers who wish to take our impulse further. All donations gratefully received will be used to continue our impetus as a practical yet adroit team of web savvy networkers.

Yes, as you may know, having a web presence is a costly business, however it guarantees you have an independent genuine and trustworthy platform to visit - to serve your thirst for knowledge and to make conscious choices in our fast coming future.

With your public spirited assistance of donations, these will enable us to continually be here for you - in a world that is increasingly being challenged - where we factor in our children and grand children’s future - in shaping our destiny - and for a better world to come.

Because, it’s more than a revolution - it’s a paradigm shift.

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