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How Gaia 'Mother Earth' works - at a basic level

James Lovelock when asked what was his greatest invention, said it was not the microwave oven which he supposedly invented, not the electron capture device, which was able to capture microscopic ozone particles in the Antarctic atmosphere, nor the Gaia hypothesis. It was Daisy world. Daisy World? read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments Jun 20, 2010


Can you do me a favour? That when you go out into the world that you greet all people as a brother and a sister and consciously make the effort to have open, honest, dialogue? read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments Jun 18, 2010

Full Spectrum Dominance Coming to a City Near You

'We the people' in this country are now fighting for democracy against a situation that is morphing into 'full spectrum dominance'. NZ has had an independent foreign policy from the late 1980s to the start of the 2000s, however, we are now back in bed with Uncle Sam and we are seeing how NZ military forces are being integrated into the US armed forces. Especially if you want to do the research. We are following the American way and we see that this is not as democratic as we are led to beleive. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments Apr 29, 2010

Herbal Lore- Freedom or Drug Corporation Control?

Over the last decade, we in New Zealand have been involved in an ongoing battle with Australian Authorities in how we Self-Govern our natural medicines regime in this country. This is an ongoing battle against the drug cartel that nodes behind the mask of big Pharma. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments Apr 23, 2010

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