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Welcome to Our Planet

Kia Ora & Greetings from around the curve of our great sustainer Mother Earth, from where I reside in Auckland, Aotearoa - New Zealand, tucked away in the South West Pacific, south of the Tropic of Capricorn and not too distant from Antarctica and the South Pole. Trusting that you are healthy, strong and well resourced, with resilient family and friendly connections.

Here, at ourplanet.org we are fully aware of the mighty task before us, as we realise that it is only by grassroots movements can we start to reclaim our communities and regions and especially taking our countries back - which naturally includes our sovereignty too. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

We have entered tumultuous times, where all three waves of ecology, economy and societal disturbance are converging, and whilst the global population hits 7.5 billion people and increasing there is an urgent need to address our immediate challenges. Meanwhile, today’s leadership in the political and business arena has basically abandoned the values and virtues that were once naturally embedded in us as children - where families were able to be provided for by one income, and a there was far more stability in the community and country as a whole.

With the pace of life irrevocably quickening we are finding that due to the need for integrity at all levels, it is now up to the individual, connecting with other individuals and aligning with the collective to be the evolutionary driver to bring about the much needed unity of purpose. Building both self reliance and resilience into the localised field.

We are wanting to empower you, your friends and people working in cells and clusters of cells by connecting from your doorsteps and working co-operatively and co-creatively to collaborate at a localise level. That throughout the community we’ll realise that we have far more in common than we have differences.

One of the most important unifiers is that we all share the same breath, and that when we reflect deeply on life, it is our planet that loans us a body - in which to live out our life’s purpose. Our planet also loans us free fresh air, free pure water and until recently a free organic food chain. When we acknowledge that we all spring from the global commons, we realise that we have ‘rights’ to the access of water, and food. These up until recently have been in our control, but they have been taken over by outside corporate entities, who in the recent words to me, by an ex NZ Government Cabinet Minister, was “that we are now being farmed.”

Looking at the many possibilities, as with our publicity, ‘every baby born into this realm is an energy bundle of exponential potential’ that is correct - embryo gods. Yet, we have been increasingly programmed to become homogenised, unfulfilled, uniform drones, when in fact we need to question everything, be curious, have cause to wonder, to be unflaggingly inquisitive about life and existence and ask ‘how does a human live on a planet?

So in short, the premise for this website is to uplift and ‘mobilise consciousness’ and the human spirit as well as inspire and empower the individual to evolve the human race.

It all about ‘conscious choices’ then ‘conscious action.’

Because it is “more than a revolution - it’s a paradigm shift.”

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