The World Wide Web, the Internet

And the implications of a world and her peoples coming together

The World Wide Web is a fibre-like labyrinth of connectivity and inter-connectivity that goes every which way and follows its own intelligence.

The advent of this newly emerging communication field around our planet is the greatest step short of telepathy (a mind-field) enabling citizens from all walks of life to communicate globally via words, sounds and pictures - inexpensively - person to person - from the safety and sanctity of their own home - for the first time in history.

This is a major step in a grand evolutionary stride.

The Internet can be likened to (Gaia's) Global Brain being activated. With filaments of light connecting and reconnecting across the hemispheres forming networks that overlap into larger networks - neural pathways with synapses flashing and neurons pulsing; constellations of incoming and outgoing information radiating to all parts of our planet - to you and I - communing together in a growing family of awareness - intelligence connecting with intelligence - knowledge being imparted - steps being taken to improve our planet's wellbeing - good vibes emanating - solutions - fulfilment - benevolent use of technology - revolution - celebration!


The Coming of Age Communication Wise


Our information superhighway can re-orient Our Spaceship by re-balancing, strategising and activating blueprints and putting in place systems, infrastructure, procedures, programmes, bringing about orderliness and benefiting the whole at the same time - giving us freedom to express ourselves as crew and as the human race. Systems that allow access to Global town meetings - Space bridges - talk fests and to bring about the raising of consciousness to see, acknowledge and feel that we are one people one planet and much much more!

This will be a forerunner of things to come, when through communication we will be able to resolve our differences through dialogue - understand problems - unravel them - note needs, implement solutions - achieves harmony.

It's like Our Planet is finally becoming a mature organism. The individual neurons (us) of its brain (planet) are almost fully aware and the nerve endings (computer posts), and neural pathways (electromagnetic waves through the sky) are starting to function and recognize their true purpose! Like a graduation from school... or a birth of a new celestial individual. It could be very soon into this new millennium, as the moment it happens!.


How the WWW and Internet happened:


The universe works in mysterious ways - so much so that the Internet, or ARPAnet, as it was called, was originally designed by the Western military alliance as a communication system that had no central point of control and so could operate even when damaged.

With the spectre of a super-power nuclear holocaust and a dark and cloudy future evaporating (yet we cannot become complacent), the rug today is being ripped out from under the nuclear winter scenario..

... And like germinating seeds of freedom the Internet has branched, budded and blossomed into a flowering at the hands of Agents for Conscious Evolution. Exploding massively with scintillating filaments of reconnectedness extending all boundaries and integrating a hot wired electronic democracy and digital revolution into a global brain with feelings of unity, empowerment and oneness.

We are now beginning to inhabit a newly functional habitat... a Living Pulsating Organism.

The next step... Planetary telepathy!

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"Blessed are the cracked for they will let in the light!"

Spike Milligan