Image Courtesy Hansen Planetarium, Salt Lake City, Utah USA.

Fortunately, some crew have come to a realisation that they have been...

Absent Without Leave.

Are you one of them? Do you know anyone who is?

These so-called awakening crew are returning to their posts and communicating with all those who choose to listen.

Are you listening?

Some enlightened personnel are endeavouring to bring about benevolent change by calling for cooperation and a halt in violent conflict, feeding, healing and housing their many starving crew members, and eliminating toxic waste and poisons from the waterways and atmosphere.

Are you assisting?

This is only the beginning.

They are announcing over the airwaves, satellite, intercom systems, and World Wide Web:

"The wellbeing of Spaceship Earth has to be improved!"

Things have to change for the better.
It is essential for us all to begin now!

Why not?

We have the capabilities, the knowledge
and the initiative to solve all problems.

Team spirit being paramount!

By coming together, interacting and co-ordinating
our loving and learning, we, the crew, can
maintain our Spaceship correctly.

So why don't we?

"Let's start with our selves" is the directive!

Continue this change in our rooms and compartments, our complexes and relationships.

Finally, let's integrate our Spaceship's regions and northern and southern hemispheres, its prosperous and underdeveloped sectors.

We must create harmonious social order by developing benevolent self-governing systems.

This will allow us to retain our own richness of local cultural creativity, plus our own distinctive heritage and our inherent diversity of self expression and uniqueness...

At the same time, some very awakened crew has found that by stilling themselves for a time, with quiet periods of contemplation and meditation, they are able to tap into deeper states of knowingness and insight. They are finding that encoded in their own being are answers to not only our Spaceship's current dilemma, but "why we are here, where we have come from and where 'we' are going."

They are expressing the virtues of intuition, imagination, inspiration and nurturement that is illuminating their understanding that their Spaceship is a "Mothership" and from her, all life on board has issued. They are very excited with the possibilities and potentialities for our common future.

A transcendent quality that is capable of unfolding and flowering into being, for all crew!

The ramifications being:

That awakening to one's Self, as one of the crew of Spaceship Earth, is synonymous with awakening to our mission in this life.

Taking action helps to maintain our voyage through time and space and establishes the harmonious energy required during this time of great challenge and change. As a result, future generations of crew members will inherit an atmosphere of both inner and outer beauty in which to unfold and to grow and to Love, fulfilling a deeper quest to understand the universe and our mutual destination.

Global Family


You are on call... What is your role?

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Special Thanks to Buckminster Fuller
for the term Spaceship Earth