It has become obvious that We on this planet need to bring order to our house on Earth.

  Apart from the unknown that UFOs and ETs may or may not present, let us in the meantime focus within, on our own human potential and mutual destiny.

When we look back and observe the ascent of the human, we notice that there has not been a noticeable jump in evolution since 'supposedly' Apes evolved into Neanderthal man or... from there, the (instant) mutation to blond headed, blue eyed (red headed) Cro Magnon man.

Yet today, we look basically unchanged on the outside... a little taller, facially more humanoid, less hairy and in some societies we live a lot longer. Sure, we have done much mind work and tooled up to manipulate matter; searched the inner centre of the atom and explored the depths of outer space, but not knowing how we developed a brain that is 95% unused, untapped and unknown makes it seem like we have "created" an anomaly. For over the last 5 000 years plus, nothing really new physically has happened to our race other than so called material progress.


Do you think, with the build up of nuclear and other armaments and the environmental dilemma that we are causing and finding ourselves in, that it is a man made crisis of our own making? A crisis that will inevitably force us to confront ourselves... one way or another... to grow and to learn what needs to be learned?

Quite profound, really! - Barbara Marx-Hubbard in "Co-Creation: The Step to Conscious Evolution" calls stress situations "evolutionary drivers."


Studies such as learning how to fire, walk and that the human being has invisible acupuncture meridians tells us that there is much more to learn about the human condition. Doctors such as Deepak Chopra are unveiling the shroud that is proving that our human body is a body of light - albeit slowed down light. He has produced statistics that show that 30% of patients recover when given placebos (dummy medications) when it comes to stopping the pain. Medicine is just beginning to use the mind-body connection for healing.


Deepak Chopra is saying we can take our own destiny in our hands if we just make the effort to connect with our inner self. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, of 'Life Death and Transition' has a stupendous information data-bank that signals that life after death is a fact. If we only made the effort to research it! (Like a trip to the library or accessing the WWW.) Other materials include two world-reknown figures: Dr Raymond Moody 'Life after Life' and Dr Kenneth Ring 'Heading Towards Omega Point' who have massive amounts of fantastic proof that we live beyond death!

At this moment there is an emerging wave spell of timeless information that is literally screaming at us to wake up and participate in a higher level of existence - that is truly bountiful and magnificent!

Yet for humanity to unite for the sake of love, life and all of creation and make this change to transmute if not transcend the crises, we may very well have to short circuit prophecy, and thus, pre-empt the downside of 'Revelation'.

By showing that we are capable of being responsible, caring, planetary citizens and at the same time realising we are all one race - this is the challenge of our times. The race for shared oneness - voluntarily and freely.

People are calling out for something; James Redfield confirmed this with his book "Celestine Prophecy". Millions of readers raved over it - it offers up hope - however we now need to translate this hope into action - for so many people want something to happen.. a miracle on Earth that is related to a Spiritual Awakening!

Yet what are we prepared to do?

Every religion has a message for this epoch yet they appear mainly to beckon to their followers and respective flock. It is only in recent years that we have been able to lift our sights by journeying into space to then look back and see that we are "one planet and one world" with one major species - us - human beings.

At the same time, we must also be open to the possibility of more evolved beings... such as whales and dolphins with which we can dialogue with. When 'We All' as a race go to them with Love in our collective hearts... will we then make our first major communication?

  Somehow, we need to create the biggest evolutionary jump imagined - to enable our whole species to evolve both inward, upward and outward.


If we can be responsible long enough to organise ourselves individually and in this particular instance, focus our attention on the Global Meditation/Prayer on 31 December and empower this notion or something akin to this:

We open ourselves to aligning our subatomic field to a greater energy of oneness and light - possibly allowing in grace and goodwill - and we all become simultaneously attuned in the vast energy web embracing and permeating our planet..

For when our intent is pure and we drop our stuff, our judgments, our hide-bound version of reality and see that we All share the same breath and that the soles of our feet connect to the same sphere - Mother Earth - we finally have the opportunity to feel that we are all expressions of something both wondrous and interconnected and wholly sacred.

With so many so-called intelligent leaders, elders and young ones on Earth today there is now an urgency to establish such a commitment, to consciously close our eyes - trustingly all at the same time - to focus on our heart and agree to agree to this specific moment in time - to allow miracles to actually happen! These may be ever so subtle, but with a sanctified conviction and purpose of belief they are likely to happen!


A new evolutionary jump - a big one - the biggest one yet!

6.4 billion fully enlightened
multi-dimensional - higher frequency super-beings

unfold into fruition and with open hearts share telepathically
new inner qualities making themselves known.


Having been influenced by a Judeo-Christian upbringing, We in the West could inevitably become Christ beings - as in the Cosmic Christ. For those in the East, Buddhist beings or Brahma consciousness - All States of God Realisation. The ramifications are awesome for a planet and her peoples coming of age and becoming part of the Galactic Community and more...

How long have we awaited this momentous awakening and coming of age?

Arrange a Date - Timing is Everything

In a world that is quickly seeing itself as a global village, to coordinate an event to a specific moment of time - for instance the 31st of December which is based on the 'Western Gregorian' calendar - is a challenge.

For there are other calendars such as the Chinese, Arabic and Jewish with their own New Year dates, these differing calendars provide us with yet another challenge - and that is to agree to 'arrange a date' - that all religions, creeds and races and individuals take part - to agree to a common date would be a super major breakthrough in itself!

Of course, the ultimate is that everyone who possibly can, just happens to take time out once a day as in the 12 Noon Peace Prayer - 5 minutes..


Or on the Full Moon - every 28 days, take the opportunity to align with the powerful lunar cycle - this being a very important time when 'sunlight' bathes our planet for a full 24 hour period.

It is common knowledge many groups of people of Goodwill meditate and pray at this time with many more people 'coming on board' every month.


If we can find our own 20-30 minutes daily, privately, quietly with no song, dance or glamour about it, this would be wise since through our own choice we have the opportunity to divine sacred space - for a small but significant moment in time.

Because of our heart-filled intent and common vision of a healthy happy dynamic planetary society en route to our next massive step.. a realised 'Free' species is in the offering. Let's do it! Every Person counts.


What options have we? Do you have some answers?



Obviously, the challenge of the moment is for humanity to recognise that if we are to live together in harmony it is best that we be at peace within ourselves.

If we can focus our attention on being peaceful in our daily life
by simply being peaceful, there is an even better chance
for Planetary Peace to break out;

Hence the Global Peace Prayer / Meditation.

A chance for Global Group Heart and Mind to have precedence
for one hour of our year.

If not this year.. then the the following one!

With dates like 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 possibility is ripe!



Awakening the Dreamspell

Maybe the most available gift of all!


In times to come it may be difficult for us to always travel distances to our friends and family 'get-together', functions or for spiritual communion, however, when we 'consciously' attune our selves to dream every night and invite our loved ones to join us, we will find profound events coming into being.

Though we may not always be conscious of what we are dreaming - or even remember - being open to our family and friends will allow us whilst dreaming to even meet friends of friends and their family, to slowly - even quite rapidly - connect and reconnect in our dreams - lucidly 'on the inside' right around a planet of love, connecting with light and heart and visa versa... who knows who we may meet?

Then one day, we may all wake up together with all the solutions to our problems.

A United Planet that has come of age - as if in another world of a higher frequency when our dreams have become our reality... worth doing 'cause we can do it in our sleep...

... to finally individually emerge as one and awaken to our true destiny.

This idea is a lovely one that we need to share among all Children of the World and in particular via the Internet to every single school and classroom on earth. For it is the Children that can bring us through into a world imbued with innocence and love. Children generally have not been hardened and become cynical by the tough knocks that so many of the world's adults have been subjected to, so..

Remember kids... when we go to bed tonight, before we go to sleep, ask that "when we fall asleep that we dream of our loved ones, our family and friends" and lucidly extend our love through a dreamtime inner system - of soul to soul in the spirit of communication and co-operation, because we have to help all the adults to come into a realisation that we are a family of Love, here on Earth to participate in the most magnificent initiation of all - into the heart of space and our Divine inheritance.

  Let's seed the idea and nurture it in our hearts continuously. The Golden age is waiting for us to call it forth.

Worth a go?



Meditation Affirmation

I am a pinpoint of light within a greater light. I am a cell of conscious thought within a greater consciousness, as a drop of water within the ocean. I feel secure as the cosmic plan unfolds drawing me into the greater whole.


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