Greetings, Aloha, Bon Dia, Bonjour, Buenos Dias, Dia Dhuit,
Guten Tag, Jambo, Kia Ora, Namaste, Ni Hau, Konnichiwa,
Salaam Alaykum, Shalom, Ztrastvyte.



As we enter the 21st century, we are faced with the ultimate frontier: the awakening of the self. It is no longer an issue to be postponed. Taking action in the first decade of the 21st century is the command of the moment, as Our Planet Spaceship Earth, goes through her highest transformation yet. For Earth,too, is obeying the call of her "captain" and is moving unerringly to take her place within our galaxy.

The relationship between earth and sky, matter and spirit, humankind and the cosmos gives way to startling images of the challenges and possibilities we, as humanity are encountering. For when the people of the Earth (irrespective of race or creed) sent their representatives into space, this mission symbolized a reaching for the stars, a signal to themselves and to the universe that they were ready to grow and expand.


Our astronauts and cosmonauts became the forebears of a celestial vision of unity. They brought back the inescapable conclusion:

"That the survival of our mission depends on all the "crew" working in co-operation and peace for the functioning of the whole."


Living in outer space aboard the Apollo and Soyuz craft and lately the 'Shuttle' and 'Mir', with limited air, water, food and fuel, the astronauts and cosmonauts became aware that they could only maintain their lives by constantly supporting their recycling and life supporting environment, a situation that is faced by our species, living on our planet today.

The survival of the mission depends on all the "crew" working in unison for the functioning of the whole. If we look inside, at Our Planet Spaceship Earth, from outer space, we can recognize that the human inhabitants are like crew members aboard a ship; regrettably, many, but not all are fighting among themselves, whilst being unaware of the true identity of the captain.

The secret being... We are all our own "Captain"!


In the past a number of ambitious officers have attempted to take over the ship, while other officers have, by force, usurped critical areas of control.

Certain "super powers" have threatened to lob nuclear grenades into each other's controlled section of our ship. At the same time they and minor powers have stockpiled chemical and biological weapons and are subtly influencing all drowsy crew with their propaganda.

Great numbers of leader-less crew have found themselves suffering from disease, many dying of hunger and thirst in deserted areas, while next door other crew live in areas of abundance and excess use and abuse of resources.

Anomalies are everywhere...

The crew, some 6,400,000,000 personnel (some would say over populating) - with another 95,000,000 being born each year, have become so thoroughly occupied with their inter-deck and departmental survival that they have even forgotten that they are aboard a spaceship and that their cooperation is not only vital - it is paramount!


Venus The result?

The entire crew is suffering from extreme social, moral and philosophical dilemmas, accompanied by gross pollution of the food, water and atmospheric systems, with the air conditioning especially running more and more erratic.

Added to this, the outbreak of disease, rebellion, alcoholism and drug addiction is rife - with sporadic internecine and gang warfare becoming prominent.



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