The alignment of our intelligence and intent with that of the universe.. a sacred act!


New insights have emerged in the last 30 years:

In 1977 Ilya Prigogine received a Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry for The Theory of Dissipative Structures. When certain elements are put together in whole systems and then subjected to stress, the parts intelligently re-organise into a new whole and the system escapes into a higher order.

His findings bridged the critical gap between biology and physics - the missing link between living systems and the supposedly lifeless universe in which they arose. It explains irreversible processes in Nature - the movement towards higher and higher orders of Life.

This was further proof that we have a rich, creative Universe that is intelligent and has an inherent self-ordering component and quality.

Ilya Prigogine's Theory of Dissipative Structures can be likened to a "flowing wholeness", that is highly organised but always in process and that nature is in actuality saturated with order and equilibrium.

Since the 1980's - 'Chaos Theory' and 'Fractals' have become very recent scientific studies of open systems. Qualities found within Mandelbrot fractals have been shown to have a self- ordering component in them too.


Aware scientists are acknowledging that we are all completely and inextricably interwoven into the fabric of a magnificent universe and work of art!

If we had the eyes to perceive and see, we would notice that this is the case.

Yet better still, ancient traditions say, if we could close our eyes in silence, away from the hectic and frenetic energy of the 'outside world' and 'still our mind' and feel or intuit what is going on, astounding insights would make themselves known.

To take time out and just do this, is yet another challenge for our civilization.

Many physicists who have studied Taoism, Hinduism and Zen Buddhism (plus Sufism) find many parallels to 21st Century high energy physics, particularly when equated to Meditation and other disciplines such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu etc.


Fritjof Capra in the introduction to his ground-breaking book The Tao of Physics says:


"that science knows the roots and mysticism knows the branches and the challenge of today is to bring these two disciplines together and join them at the trunk."

..and thus the Tree of Knowledge will become one.


Gary Zukov's The Dancing Wu Li Masters gives another insight into the new emerging paradigm of science and mysticism converging and blending into one.

Emerging theories and ideas tell of Bell's Theorum by John Stewart Bell back in 1964.

In simple language this states that an atom on one side of our planet can mirror exactly another atom on the other side of our planet - thus opening the possibility to synchronicity, telepathy and that the universe may be holographic:

That every part (ie atom) has a replica 'enfolded' into every other part instantaneously over time and space.


i.e. that everything mirrors everything else.

As in the movie Star Wars - three dimensional holographic images were projected of humans. This idea is part of the larger concept that the Universe is a gigantic living hologram.

We see this further developed by David Bohm, an associate of Albert Einstein, who has laid down the foundation for a 21st Century understanding that, yes, the Cosmos is a seamless hologram, so clearly explained by Michael Talbot in his bestselling book The Holographic Universe

According to David Bohm, space and time are enfolded within the 'holomovement' and he has found that it is necesary to regard consciousness as an essential feature flowing within it and that mind and matter are inexstricably woven into this infinite tapestry.

In this book not only does Michael Talbot lift the veil on the interconnectivity of all life in the Universe but he also produces data from top Doctors and Faculty Members of US Medical Schools and Institutions that 'imply' that humans live beyond the body and beyond death.

Documentation on 'Near Death' experiences and 'Out of the Body' experiments is becoming so overwhelming that the scientific community's reluctance to examine the results is bordering on a scandal. Due to the sheer volume and momentum of information being published our renewed priorities will inevitably bring this wonderful news to the planetary public's attention.


Finally it is alleged that Albert Einstein saw that the Cosmos was based on a circular motion that extended beyond the borders of the physical universe and into the realms of thought and philosophy that may have even touched on aspects of Eastern mysticism.

One of the most profound theories that arose from his inner scientific circle was his "light bending in space" theory.

It was suggested that if we looked through the most powerful telescope ever, some time between now and eternity, we would see the back of our head!

Conversely, if we shone the most powerful laser ever - straight up above our head - some time between now and eternity it would come up our backside...

Concluding that if we think good thoughts, we receive them, sometime within the circle, but if our response is negative, then we will reap negativity, for we reap what we sow.


One wouldn't want to be Darth Vader would One - ?


What all this science is telling humanity is that:

The Universe is phenomenally alive and is just now offering up the profundity of its secrets.

Where we go from here is up to us:

With an open heart and mind the possibilities
are endless and eternal.

Thus our body can be perceived as a

Shimmering Light Energy Field

within a greater

Universal Energy Field

oscillating in time and space,
like a 'solid' hologram.

Unfolding Into The Universal All

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