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Chinese character "ji" represents
"crisis or challenge?"

Keywords for the 21st Century

Affirmation: An expression of positivity. 'Every day in every way gets better and better and better'!

Afforestation: The planting of billions of many varying trees around our planet to absorb extra carbon gasses and giving people the opportunity to work, learn purpose, social responsibilty and even partake in a type of superannuation; needs a gigantic input of public initiative and support. Today a football field of tropical and temperate rainforests are destroyed every second. How many football fields between now and the next World Cup? (or Olympic Stadiums even.) Trees draw precipitation and can alleviate drought and stablise volatile weather patterns.

Animal Rights: Not abusing the animal kingdom, treating them with respect and curtailing wanton experiments on them. Being caring and humane.

Bio-Degradable: An object or substance that is non-toxic to the soil as it breaks down, be it by either weathering or microbes. Becoming a standard with 'conscious producers'.

Bio-Dynamic: (BD) Refined system of organics in relation to land and our inter-relationship with all living things. Focuses on intergrating and blending cosmic and terrestrial forces, as outlined by Rudolf Steiner.

Bioethics: The study of ethical problems involved in biological and technological research and development, (eg genetic engineering, organ transplants, artificial insemination, etc.) and drafting appropriate guide lines and backed up by laws.

Biosphere: A living force within a self-containing field or membrane. In the biosphere of Planet Earth, life forms, in myriads of expression, co€exist in a larger intelligent energy field.

Breatharianism: (Inedia) An ability to transform one's eating habits to do away with eating physical food. Maybe letting meat-eating fall away then becoming an ovo lacto vegetarian then a vegan to a fruitarian then finally breatharian as like Therese Neumann of Bavaria, who said "one can live on the Holy Breath alone".

Breathing: Deep, fresh, clear, rich, oxygen-laden air deep into the lower abdomen. When we breathe correctly we conjure up Prana or Chi, Indian and Chinese names repectively for invisible universal energy.

Chakras: Subtle energy centres that align with the spine of our body. Only lately being recognised by Western medicine. Aligns with your Aura and becomes pronounced as in Kundalini.

Channel: To receive and transmit messages from a non-physical reality to this physical reality. Ezekial, John the Baptist and Joan of Arc may have used this faculty partly or in whole.

Citizen Diplomacy: Individual people from any country establishing friendship with the peoples of other countries in the world or wherever and not just leaving it up to politicians. Actively sharing understanding and if possible visiting each other.

Conservation: Non-wasteful use of resources, fuel, water, etc. In particular the 'natural world'. ie Animals in the wild as in Africa, Global fish stocks everywhere, Trees in tropical rain forests, temperate areas and the Siberian Taiga.

Compost: Though difficult to do in city and high rise areas due to smell etc composting of food scraps and fruit & vegetable matter can give you high quality "humus" for returning to the garden, pot plants etc. It discourages waste and makes us more responsible, plus teaches us ecological awareness.

Creative Visualisation: Through the relaxation of your body and mind, being able to see what you wish. ie to accomplish something, visualise (through your mind's eye) yourself completing this task then feeling it - in all aspects - then going and doing it. Excellent for healing of self.

Critical Mass: Getting up to momentum or density of energy so that at a particular instant, the balance shifts, creating an instantaneous change. Positively for the better. This is a quality needed for us to be able to resolve and bring about a flowering of consciousness here on Earth.

Co-Creation: Working in harmony with the planet. eg a biodynamic garden. Being open to intuition. Aligning to instinct.

Community: The comming together of peoples as in an "Intentional" response to live togther in housing that is bio-harmonic and that blends in with natural surroundings. Where children can feel free and play safely. Where support for co-creative situations can be embellished and nurtured. Commonly based on a spiritual philosophy ie Findhorn and Auraville. The next step: Global Community.

Co-Operation: To work or act together for a shared purpose. ie a relationship

Deep Ecology: A philosophy where humans are considered no more important than any other species. We are "a plain member" of the biotic community. It is very important to allow other species to follow their separate evolutionary destinies without dominating them or causing their extinction.

Deja vu: A jolt (mental flash or feeling) when you feel a profound connection with a place or the past - a mystical equation? - The universe saying "Be alert!" Oh! I remember - or I've been here before!

Dowsing (Or Divining for water): Using branches of trees (even coat hangers!) Dowsers clear their minds in meditation and search for water that flows under the ground. With only 1% of our planet's water available for human consumption, water will become more expensive than petrol by the end of this century.

Dream Journal: Keep a book or journal by your bed and upon waking in the morning recall immediately anything that you dreamt and write it down. You will be surprised at what transpires over time. An inspiring discipline.

Dreaming (Lucid dreaming): 'Becoming aware in our dreams that we are actually dreaming' - learning at a deeper esoteric level by "living in a non physical environment". A forerunner to our next evolutionary step?

Drinking Living Water: Water that is revitalised, fresh, pure and pristine. Just like water high up in alpine springs. Water that has not yet enjoyed absorbing mineral frequencies is sometimes referred to as 'immature water'. Water is the life blood of our planet, it is a Being in itself, transparent liquid matter and soul.

Eating: The freshest vital most organic or biodynamic food on our planet. A certain amount of it raw. Excellent for cellular rejuvination and strengthening of the body's inherent immune system.

Ecosphere: The inter-relationship of all life, from below soil level to the outer atmosphere of our planet. Extends into deep ecology.

Ecology: Going to the root of the natural world. An awareness or study of nature in the terrestrial environment. Inclusive of deep ecology. Derived from Greek meaning 'the study of the house'. "In my Father's house there are many mansions." (The Bible)

Empowerment: Enable, become able. To achieve personally. To realise that we are potential itself; ie we are Jewels of Creation. Awareness of the power of the individual.

Energy Efficiency: No more gas guzzling. Setting and creating higher standards. eg Longer-lasting and more efficient light bulbs, insulating our buildings from cold and heat, etc, we will 'generally' not need any more power stations for next 10 years.

Etheric: A hidden invisible energy field that oscillates at a higher vibratry frequency. Mystical Schools talk of it on another higher dimensional reality. We have yet to develop the tools to sense it or measure it. Just like photographing the fragrance of a flower we may one day be able to "see" it.

Ethical Investing: Investment used in business that allows the whole community to prosper. Taken with a long term view in mind. Needs to be encouraged.

E.S.P. (Extra-Sensory Perception): Awareness beyond the five senses. Healing, clairvoyancy, clairaudience, telepathy, psychometry, precognition, psychokinesis, etc. An inherant human capability. One must have pure intention; Ego causes conflicting information and usually leads to the loss of the gift. Very few genuine talented people retain and perfect E.S.P faculties.

Family Planning: Over-population is a time bomb in the making. The need to teach the male of the species self-control and discipline. Educating of the ignorant that we are not in the Stone Age but are in the Space Age. Cultural local ideas have to be aware of the larger planetary perspective. This subject is fraught with emotion but with very little 'will to act'. Some say a dereliction of duty by local, regional and global politicians and religous leaders.

Food Labelling: Having food and drink of every description labelled as to what is inside or on it - molecule by molecule. We need food free of chemical sprays, preservatives, colouring, irradiation, genetic manipulation, hormones, etc.

Fun: Seriously enjoying yourself! Taking time out. Goofing off. Having a good time. Having moments of indulgence! Did you hear the one about why we are here and the choices we have?

Fusion: A system beyond present nuclear fission. Being able to have endless energy from a self- sustaining power source. Still in the future - yet a benovolent technolgy if in the hands of the community. Cold fusion could be very cost effective.

Freedom: The greatest discipline we can have!

Gaia: Greek 'Mother Earth' related to the feminine principle. Having reverence for Mother Earth in our daily life.

Gene Pools: Preservation of genetic material of animal, plant and microbial species which are threatened and endangered by humankind. Preserving our planet's biodiversity is the key issue.

Global Family: Beyond race and creed we are all one family on our planet. It is taking a long time for this realisation to break through into the global consciousness.

Going Galactic: Becoming aware that our planet and ourselves are part of a greater whole, and being open to the integration of frequencies from deeper star groups and constellations like the Pleiades, Sirius, Antares, Arctuarus, Orion etc. Being ready to participate in our Galaxy and the coming Galactic Community and Federation. The 'Coming of Age' for Our Planet.

Goodwill: Unseen trust, knowing, honesty and intent.

Greenhouse Effect: Man-made problem of atmospheric heating caused by the burning of fossil fuels, the flatulent gasses of ruminating animals, organic breakdown (ie paddy fields) and global deforestation. Causing fluctuating and volatile weather patterns. (The elimination of atmospheric pollution and the re-afforestation of barren lands and deserts is now a global priority).

Harmonic: Feel akin to. A harmony of souls, or of nature; to oscillate to the frequency of an event, place, or person.

Higher Consciousness: A state of being where humans and higher beings interact with each other harmoniously. "You will know them by the fruits they bear" - The Bible.

Hierarchy: The posibility of there being a Heirachy of Spiritual Beings or a Mastery inclusive of Guides, Angelic beings, etc 'behind the scenes' - All the way 'up' to the centre of the Universe or God - as some of the world's major religions have stated. It is said that we can only interact with said beings when we make a commitment to accept certain truths, and surrender to higher ideals.. or maybe receive a special dispensation called grace.

Holistic (Wholistic): Treating an organism or entity as a whole being (the sum of its parts), whether it be a plant, person, or even the whole Universe. The parts cannot be viewed in isolation. Becoming pronounced in the field of health:

Holistic Health: Natural therapies being Prevention. ie Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Bach Flower, Iridology, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Colour Therapy, Tissue Cleansing and Systems such as Ayurveda that do not use invasive drugs to combat illness.

Hologram: A 3-Dimensional picture that has encoded in every single piece of it the total picture once again. Everything mirrors everything else. Our whole Universe could quite easily be a hologram.

Hydrogen Power, Water Power: The splitting of water molecules. If we continue to use the internal combustion motor, water will be the non-polluting fuel of the future. Far more emphasis must be placed on this medium.

Indigenous Peoples: Certain aboriginal peoples such as the American Hopi, the Amazonian Indians, the African Dogon, Canadian Inuit, Malaysian Senoi, Native Hawaiians, New Zealand Maori and Australian Aboriginals and many other native peoples still hold a certain awareness of Earth Energies and a sacred knowledge of Mother Earth. They are 'holding the point' regarding specific important historical facts and racial memory. Woven into stories, songs, dances, initiations and ceremonies.

Inner Planes (or Inner Direction) We spend two thirds of our daily cycle with our eyes open looking outward - and around one third asleep with eyes closed. To bring things more into balance, we could by contemplation, prayer or meditation close our eyes voluntarily and 'still' ourselves to allow intuiton and other subtler qualities to guide us, resulting in clarity and inner vision.

Interconnectivity: Knowing that every thought, feeling, emotion, action, atom, human or sentient being - as well as our planet and galaxy - is connected into a magnificent matrix called life - that at the subtlest of levels is shaping the universe in its unfoldment due to our individual and collective evolutionary thoughts and/or actions.

Inter-Species Communication: Gossip between lifeforms at all levels, from chatting with pot plants, apes, dolphins and whales, to telling E.T. to phone home!

Intent: Our resolve - for a better world, a better community, a better, more fullfilled life. How we act and react. Thinking a particular thought pattern. Expressing a benevolent way, a committment to good works.

Invocation: A conscious asking, an invocation to call on higher energies.

Judge not and you will not be judged: "Hey where did this one come from?" Discern, consider, conclude, and make observations and learn how to differentiate. A major challenge; becoming more considerate. Criticise the act and not the person.

Kundalini: An inner force that when awakened aligns with our chakras and takes us to ectasy, love and cosmic awareness. It is considered the most important subtle energy system in terms of the spiritual evolution of the human species.

Law of Cause and Effect: Being the Law of Karma - 'We reap what we sow' - The law of return.

Lead-free Petrol: Many countries are still not using Lead-free petrol in motor vehicles. Lead is a serious poison. Tune in and change your vehicle to Lead-free. Then actively find an alternative to petrol and oil.

Levitation: Transportation by levity or anti-gravity vehicles - Once we get beyond traffic congestion we may finally leave rubber tyres and tar sealed pavement behind. Still a major logistical and costly exercise.

Ley Lines: Invisible lines of universal force that interlace and intersect our planet. They function much like acupuncture meridians. Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids, and many cathedrals of Europe are said to be situated on them. Allied to Feng Shui and Devic energies.

Love: Unconditional Love - This is said to be the glue of the universe. Unconditional Love expects nothing in return. Called Aroha (by New Zealand Maori).

Magnetic Fields: Sub-atomic energy fields that will become very useful in the 21st Century. For healing and medicine, energy and transportation.

Matter: Knowing matter is a 3D illusion that we can alter and manipulate as if it doesn't matter. Kids as they grow up will see the transparency of matter as a whirling grouping of holograthic atomic clusters that can be changed, ingested, excreted, transmuted, projected and passed through until we eventually see through it all.

Meditation: The practice of watching the mind, then becoming still, allowing inspiration, being energised, seeing into the self, connecting with the Divine.

Metaphysical: Beyond the physical realm; unseen. Being aware of the subtle energies before and behind nature and existence.

Meta Programming of the Human Biocomputer: Positive, optimistic creative input. Teaching ourselves positive habits akin to NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming (Coined by John C Lilly)

Mother Earth: Gaia, Papa Tuanuku (New Zealand Maori) - being grateful for the life that she brings forth.

Morphogenic: (Greek) Morpho "form" and Genesis "beginning". A creative holograph-like force that permeates time and space, encompassing and bringing to life all forms and patterns. By tuning into these fields, we can, by conscious thought, dissolve old habits and mold a positive optimistic future with renewed thought and intent.

Near Death Experiences: (NDE's) Some people have vivid experiences of leaving their bodies and looking down at themselves being treated by doctors etc then returning to their bodies to carry on living very different and invigorating lives - It is now fact that we live beyond death! Some people are gifted with a sneak preview of what's behind the veil.

Neighbourhood Support: A more nurturing form of Neighborhood Watch. An important component in community getting together and sharing, being social and caring. Needs more encouraging. A street co-ordinator (rewarded by being given official assistance like a rate rebate etc) keeps in touch with people's needs, ie security, then conveys these to local city/borough council meetings, etc.

Netweave: A softer method of networking; to communicate from the heart. Parties, gatherings, getting together. Integrating work and play. Introducing friends to friends and speeding up the evolutionary process.

Non-Irradiated Food: Food that has not been bombarded with Cobalt 60 or Caesium 137, which is a by-product of the nuclear industry. Does humanity wish to be 'guinea pigs' for these experiments? No one knows the long term effects of this technology.

No Extra Low Frequency (ELF) Radiations: The effect caused by unknown frequencies that oscillate right around our planet. Used by certain scientific and military outposts. Research HAARP: animals go to sleep, so do trees and even nature! - is this a replacement for Nuclear weaponry?

Non-Noise Pollution Zones: With the advent of new technologies we will find that public pressure will ensure that the silencing of items such as chain saws, lawn mowers, motor vehicles etc will become the majority wish. We have the technology.

Now: This is an action word, and a state of being; here and present. Letting the past and future fall away. Living in the moment on the face of the wind.

Nuclear Free: Regions, Hemispheres and finally Planet. An agreement between people and countries to set up "Nuclear Free" areas to assist in planetary peace, health, cleanliness and hygiene."Take the toys from the boys" therefore no war and no foreground radiation.

One Earth: Treating the Earth as your own home.

Organic: Natural process beneficial to the environment and one's health. Non toxic and bio-degradeable. NO chemicals whatsoever!

Out of the Body Experiences: (OOB/OBE). A disengaging or shifting of consciousness beyond the body. Some call it 'soul travel' or 'astral travel'. Can happen during medical operations, dreams, meditation etc.

Other Dimensionality: To be, or to perceive reality, in other dimensions or planes of existence, or other life forms traversing these dimensions.

Ozone Layer: A protective layer of gas in the outer atmosphere that stops harmful ultra-violet light from reaching Earth. Eroded by many man-made gases. In need of urgent repair. Nations are now starting to work together.

Permaculture: A system of permanent and harmonious agriculture based on the arc of Sun, slopes of land, water management, gravity, prevailing winds, organics, soil texture, composting, mulching, companion planting - Community.

Personal Responsibility: For one's intent, thoughts and actions. ie. our committent to integrity, to life, to our wellbeing, our family, pets, community and environment. The ' Buck stops with me!' If not myself, then who? Who wants outside authorities making us become responsible?

Planetary Peace: The achievement of universal harmony on Earth. Many citizens are quietly engaged in bringing this noble concept into being.

Planned Non-Obsolescence: The quality of a product that is built to last, resists wear, has high durability and a degree of excellence. ie no junk!

Political Referendums: Citizen initiated. Every three years or so integrate issues into local, regional and national referendums. Voters must be conversant with the issues before voting. Examples such as for automatic rifle control and outlawing land mines to nuclear disarmament etc. Needs careful consideration.

Positive Options: Looking for the highest and most wholesome good in life and sharing and expressing as such.

Post Prophecy: Situation. With all 6,400,000,000 people on Earth choosing to shift their consciouness to that of 'Unconditional Love' we can 'out flank' Nostradamus, Hopi Prophecy and Revelation and become instead, ecstatic whilst in a state of God Consciousness and bliss.

Potentise: To charge or energise an object or item.

Proportional Representation: Having rights and allowing all views to be heard, being acknowledged and proportionately represented in a true democracy. Needs refining, but 'appears' the better of all of the systems so far.

Public Domain: The status of freely-available products or works that are gifted, eg: computer programs, or the cover space photograph of Earth, with thanks to NASA.

Radionics: Healing from a distance by resonance of radio-like waves.

Reconciliation: of opposing points of view. Finding new ways and strategies to resolve conflict and bring about agreements. Needs to be taught as a skill in schools so that we can resolve disputes in relationships across the board.

Remineralisation: The spreading of ground-up rock dust - composed of minerals and elements and broadcasting this dust over farmland that has been degraded due to present intensive farming methods that do not put back what has been taken out of the soil. Food today is fast becoming degraded as a result of mineral depletion from land that is tired and not had a rest year. (fallow) This is recommended every 7 years.

Reincarnation: The principal that after death your soul essence, after a time in the etheric reflecting, comes back around and incarnates into a new baby's body so that you may learn and grow some more, or reap what you have sown, until you have learned how to liberate your self. Medical data on this like out of the body experiences has been ignored or suppresed. The Bible states we are incarnate spirit; if we can incarnate once why not twice or 360 times?

Recycle: Using something again and again and again. Non-wasteful. Re-use before recycling.

Resolve: Finding answers or solutions to problems.

Resonate: To be in sympathy with; to oscillate with that which is vibrating.

Seed Bank: The storage of natural seed that has not been hybridised or biologically altered, thus retaining natural genetic diversity and abilities to reproduce itself. Communities need to co-operate and store endangered seed.

Self-Actualised: When one comes into a realisation of one's Godhood and participates in existence from an enlightened point of view. Flowing in the now - easily.

Self-Realisation: Mastery. Coming into Godhood by accessing our inner self - possibly accessing 'Ascension Key Codes' in our DNA and blood crystals. Tracing 'racial memory' recalling the 'illumious akashic' records (the universal memory circuit of every thought and deed in creation) and 'stuff' that we can not even imagine! More of everything!

Shareware: Sending a donation to the artist/creator of a cassette tape, CD or computer disk when you make a copy. A payment of goodwill, a balancing up, a reward for an offering.

Socially Responsible: Knowing that your actions are benefitting society and the environment as a whole. Urgent need for more large business enterprises and governments to embrace this ethic.

Solar Energy: Harnessing the Sun's power for energy. Windmill energy is also affected by solar activity. Further alternative systems include tidal and hydro-electricity, though there are environmental concerns.

Solution Oriented: Problem solving. Finding what works, and adapting it! Finding a 'good example' of a system that is effective, efficient, user-friendly and working, then copying it. Adapting the benevolent things from any country or region to your circumstance. ie caring for street kids and the aged. (Meals on Wheels)

Subtle Energies: Energies known as Prana (India), Chi (China), Ki (Japan), Tumo (Tibet), Mana (New Zealand & Hawaii). These are various names for energy (life-force) inherant in living beings. Wilhelm Reich called it Orgone Energy and Baron Reichenbach called it Odic force. As science catches up with technology or vice versa, we will discover that we will be able to measure more finite 'invisible' energies. Kirlian photography scratches the surface..

Surrender: Probably the most difficult challenge for our planetary species. Letting go. Becoming so empty we are full. Offering up your heart to a greater whole.

Sustainable Development: Harmonious co-existence. A development that considers long term holistic goals, not short-term monetary gain.

Synchronicity: Happenings that seem to occur by coincidence, but have a mystical feeling about them.. (a divine act?) To synchronise or be in harmony with the All. Be aware!

Teleportation: The projection of a three-dimensional form through time and space as in 'Star Trek'. The United States Navy in 1943 teleported a ship the USS Eldridge from Philadelphia to Norfolk Virginia and back. Experiments have been ongoing since this date. Soon humans will be able to do this without mechanical means. This is our evolutionary perogative. But we will even evolve beyond this by eventually 'Being it all'

Think Globally, Act Locally: Respond Personally. "Doing it"! Knowing your small actions play a part. People Power!

Transcend: Above, beyond, surpass, exceed, excell.

Transformation: To change form, expression, condition, function or consciousness, preferably for the better.

Transmutation: Changing of form from base levels to higher levels, as in alchemy (early chemistry).

U.F.O. Unidentified Flying Object: Unknown lights or objects in the sky. More activity becoming pronounced. TV and magazines starting to capitalise on it.

United Planet Earth: Going beyond the United Nations and eventually being a truly International Organisation (Family) with the participation of all nations coming together in a common purpose to resolve global problems, whilst each country retaining ones sovereignty & unique local qualities & cultural attributes.

Unity within Diversity: Integrating all aspects into a dynamic whole. Being more tolerant of others' cultures. Yet following the highest ideals for 'human rights'.

Visualising World Peace: Projecting from our mind's eye a peaceful planet and 'feeling at peace in this moment in our heart'.

Waste Management: Public recycling becoming more mandatory. Starting with plastic, glass, paper, metals and organics ie vegetable matter. Finding innovative methods of treating body wastes, meanwhile disposing of our sewage in oxidation ponds as aginst pumping it out to sea. Eliminating atomic radiation from Northern Arctic waters, etc.

Win-Win Situations: Meaning all parties happily agree to agree and work together with that intent in mind. All gain.

Who am I?: The first question to be explored!


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