Greetings of Goodwill

The Global Meditation
& "The World Instant of Co-Operation"


Dear Friends,

Last year, you may remember the World Peace Meditation continued around our planet. These meditations have been happening in all places on our Earth. This year we are continuing to trust that you, friends, various individuals, groups and organisations will focus on this vision of global peace.


To coincide with other countries, we are meditating at 12:00 Noon GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 31st December This Year.


As a suggestion, this day can be set aside to celebrate through prayer, dance, meditation, sharing, or as a lead up to the meditation, a shared meal or gathering.

This is a wonderful way to experience the energy of Global Family and other countries linking together in harmony to promote peace, goodwill, family and environmental awareness.

We trust you will participate in this Global Meditation and enrich your selves with this celebration of Goodwill.

Please feel free to circulate this idea and send copies by email, fax, etc. to friends, your local newspaper or publication, your local Radio station, TV station, Community Notice Board, School or Church, Temple, Mosque, Synagogue or Hospital and Retirement Home.

Find deep and innovative ways to allow people to feel and experience this vision.

Never before in history has this opportunity been able to fully realise itself. This signifies that we humans are coming of age and are becoming honourable and self-disciplined enough to align to a higher message and ideal.


"The World Instant of Cooperation"


For one hour, millions of people from around our planet become still and meditate, pray, think, do their best and feel for peace for all life, brothers and sisters everywhere and Mother Earth.

This is also an important time for us to honour and listen to the rich, earth wisdom of our elders, especially the indigenous peoples. They hold and nurture vital natural keys to bringing our civilisation back into balance.

Also, we are letting the universe know that 'we' are becoming a more unified planet and species and that we are ready to act responsibly for our thoughts and actions and that we are ready to connect with higher forces and life.


Imagine ... a billion points of light!

Please join in!

Synchronising Times For Around Our Planet

31st December Every Year

Los Angeles 4am, Mexico City 6am, New York 7am, Buenos Aires 9am, London 12 Noon, Rome 1pm, Johannesburg 2 pm, Moscow / Jerusalem 3pm, New Delhi 5.30pm, Tokyo 9pm, Brisbane 10pm, Sydney / Melbourne 11pm

1st January New Zealand 1am


Back Grounder to the Meditation

Originated in 1986 by John Randolph Price of 'The Quartus Foundation' and the Author of 'Superbeings'.

PO Box 1768 Boerne, Texas 78006-6768 USA

This mediation has evolved and grown in concept from its original form, yet, at its heart the ideal remains totally aligned with the original intent.


Hidden Support!

  We are also very fortunate that we share this planet with the big brained cetaceans the whales and dolphins who have never attacked humans - instead being peaceful and basically loving creatures.

It is important to understand that when the astronauts and cosmonauts journeyed into space they likened our planet to being a 'blue and white pearl in space.' A fragile jewel floating through time.

However, in actuality our planet in many ways can be likened to a 'crystal ball.'

When our kin the sperm whale with the biggest brain on Earth, dives deep into the cold depths of the ocean we find that upon reaching deeper than a kilometre down, the pressure of the water is so great that once the whale passes through 'the isotherm' it can send out a communication call in the form of a series of "clicks". The message can encircle our whole planet and allows the sperm whale to be in complete communication with other sperm whales anywhere on Earth that are at that depth. For this pressure of water (and salt water crystals at that) gives the analogy that yes our sphere may be just that, a crystal ball in a celestial sea.


Virtual Telepathy!

  With 70% of of our planet's surface covered in water we notice that the depth of the oceans and seas compresses the water to such incredible pressures that at such depths the water compacts to become 'nearly solid' and our planet becomes like a 'crystal set' (As in receiving and transmitting radio frequencies).

At the same time our planet is spinning around its axis at 1600 kilometeres an hour every 24 hours - radiating outward every noise, utterrence and sound - into space and beyond.

Thus, we are transmitting all kinds of emanations from laughter and joy to pain and sorrow mixed up with TV and radio and telephone signals, news broadcasts and the like.

If we could only hear what static, noise, cries and singing that is uttered from the billions of beings that reside on our planet and acentuated by the media we would understand just how important it is to resonate in our hearts to a higher and warmer harmonic frequency.

So instead of garbled wavelengths of all the world news, fear and horror, let us radiate instead the joy of goodwill and the positive vibrations of a better world coming into being.


May Peace Prevail On Earth

Vallitkoon rauha maailmassa

Puisse la Paix régner dans le Monde

Möge Friede auf Erden sein

Legyen béke a földön

Che la pace possa regnare sulla terra

Pax Regniret Super Terram

Må det vaere fred på jorden

Niech ludzkosc swiata zyje w pokoju

Que La Paz Prevalezca En La Tierra

Amani Iwe ul mwenguni

Má fred råda på jorden

Möge vrede heersen op aarde

Go mBeidh Siothchain Go Deo Ar Thalamh An Domhain

Nahasdzáán Bikáági T'áá axtsohóó Hozhóó dooleex


Ja-wë-on Tha-yö-jeöK Yoë-dza-geh

May Peace Prevail On Earth

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