Calendar Of World Events

Daily Meditation 12 noon 5 Minutes

Global Meditation & Prayer January 23

World Day of Prayer March 2

Earth Day April 2

Greenery Day April 29

Children's Day May 2

Ascension Day May 16

World Invocation Day June 2

World Environment Day June 5

Winter Solstice - June 21
(Shortest Day in Southern Hemisphere)

Summer Solstice - June 21
(Longest Day in Northern Hemisphere)

World Co-operative Day - Saturday July 1

Harmonic Convergence (Planetary Energy Day) - July 26

Hiroshima Day August 6
First Time Atomic Weaponry was used in War

World Indigenous People's Day August 9

OM day (Aum) Meditation August 21

Earth Alignment Day August 21

Respect for the Aged Day
September 16

International Day of Peace
Peace Day / Hear The Children Day
September 17

World Gratitude Day
September 21

Animal Day
September 22

World Meditation
Equinox of Unconditional Love
September 23

Amnesty International Week
October 3rd Week

World Habitat Day
October 2

Day of the Human Race
October 12

World Food Day October 16

United Nations Day October 24

All Saints Day / Planetary Hierarchy November 1

All Souls Day November 2

Human Rights Day December 10

World Instant of Co-operation Meditation
December 31 - 1st January in New Zealand

Global Meditation & Prayer January 23

Summer / Winter Solstice & Autumn / Spring Equinoxes
from 20-23 of either March, June, September & December.