Our Planet Spaceship Earth

"Earth is a Mothership and We are the Crew!"

The Gaia Hypothesis

"The Planet as a Living Super Organism - a life giver."

Contemporary Science and the Living Planet

The Subatomic View Point.

Physicists Observe The Mystical Equation

"We are an energy field inside a greater energy field."

Immanence to Transcendence Of Interest

The Missing Link & Creative Evolution.

Transition to The Dreamtime

A way to transmute the dilemma of living in 3D on Planet Earth.

Global Meditation & Prayer

Humans consciously timing to commune together.

The World Wide Web

The Global Brain, Intelligence Communicating with Intelligence.

Decide to Network

And Be Prepared for New World Views!

Earth Calendar

A guide to important times on the Planet.

Keywords for the 21st Century

The New Paradigm.


A guide to further reading.


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