The following books can be construed to be some of the foremost publications on Earth today - that are easily read and available - giving the reader profound insights into the inner and outer world.

There are many that have been omitted due to space such as Be Here Now (Dr Richard Alpert, also known as Ram Dass), Centre of a Cyclone (John C Lilly), Initiation (Elizabeth Haich), Man of the Trees (Richard St Barb Baker), The Adventure of Self Discovery (Dr Stanislav Grof), Creative Visualisation (Shakti Gwain), A Soul's Journey (Peter Richelieu), The Spear of Destiny (Trevor Ravenscroft), The Winged Pharoah (Joan Grant).

Not to mention information on Crop Circles, The Pyramids of Gizah, Palenque & Cydonia and The Ark of the Covenant - all need to be accessed and thoroughly researched.

Perhaps, take the time to research famous beings such as Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, Edgar Cayce, Telhard de Chardin, R. Buckminster Fuller, Rudolph Steiner and Theresa Neumann.

'The Aquarian Conspiracy' & 'The New Common Sense'

Marilyn Ferguson

Explains why 'ordinary' people from every walk of life are starting to question why they are here and where we are going as a race. Documents major scientific changes that are happening in the field of consciousness, science, philosophy, religion, metaphysics and the like. People starting to think and feel for themselves and an inner awakening to a whole dynamic planetary movement.

'Autobiography of a Yogi'

Paramahansa Yogananda

This is a timeless classic... of many astounding examples of the Yogis of India who became 'enlightened'. Here they were revered, not like in Europe, where holy people were burnt at the stake as witches. This is a profound story that brings East and West together and all of us up to date. A gracious blending of mysticism and religion into a renewed spirituality.

'The Awakening Earth (The Global Brain)' &'The White Hole in Time'

Peter Russell

A grand synthesis of intelligence and growth - from the smallest to that which interconnects with the largest - using systems upon systems to show that we are traversing the cusp to a massive planetary awakening to super consciousness. Practical and insightful we can tune in to creating a massive evolutionary step.

'Journeys out of the Body', 'Far Journeys', 'Ultimate Journey'

Robert Monroe

(Read in this order for better comprehension.) More and more publications from reputable persons are telling of "out of the body experiences". OBE's. These books tell that we can do it 'consciously' and gives astounding insights into what planes and levels of existence that may permeate the universe and that we are far more 'than what we have ever thought we are'.The OBE is a stepping into ones own psyche, and yet it is a mere stage on a journey of spiritual evolution, a journey that should culminate in the realization of ones direct connection with all that is. One can learn the techniques at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia, USA the late Robert Monroe's research organization.

'The Findhorn Garden'

The Findhorn Community

Findhorn is a community in Scotland that for the last 30 years have been able to communicate with the underlying energies of life such as Devic (Angels) and Elementals (energy beings) and set the stage and template for spiritual communion with nature, environmental awareness and emerging consciousness. It continues today quietly heralding the subtle and not so subtle changes that are unfolding within.

'The Presence of the Past', 'Rebirth of Nature',
'Seven Experiments That Could Change The World'.

Rupert Sheldrake

The concept that there is an intelligent transcendent quality in the Universe that is holographic and omnipresent throughout nature and unfolds within it, the capability to bring about form and transmit this ability has shaken many mechanistic versions of realities - The best example being the 'myth' of the 100th monkey. This concept breathes beauty & elegance in this far reaching theory that even postulate that memory is carried outside of one's brain, instead being accessed in ones aura and energy field. On other levels, this theory aligns neatly into the collective unconscious and "archetypes" of psychologist Carl Jung and the "cosmic evolution" of paleontogist and Jesuit philosopher Teilhard de Chardin.

'Quantum Healing' & 'Ageless Body Timeless Mind'

Depak Chopra

The emergence of such an eloquent and lucid teacher of the age of old principles are like waves opening up society to the fact that we are far more than our mechanical body and we can finally realise that every human inhabits a body of light - and that love heals. This emphasizes that 'holistic' medicine is now taking a leading role in healing without relying on drugs. All of Depak's teachings show we can heal ourselves. Any book on healing by Depak Chopra is a must read!

'The Secrets of the Soil' & 'Secret Life of Plants'

Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

Deep within the ecology and up to the rim of the biosphere, we can connect with a 'living system' that says that not only 'going' organic and bio-dynamic as in Rudolph Steiner's methods - but to reverse the degradation of soil, seed, air and water. Plus that we can consciously co-create with nature using 'earth wisdom' and giving back to the elements, the planet and to life. A must read for farmers and those who work the land!

'The Mayan Connection' & 'Surfers of the Zuvuya'

José Argüelles (of Harmonic Convergence)

If you are one, who has "up't your frequency" to be "right out there" José carries on from the decoding of the Mayan calendar to Galactic history - the Mayans, being time & space travelers! That they understood time & accessing your higher self - as well as 'earth diving' "another compelling way of healing our planet" and illuminating 'as above so below' and the re-connecting to our higher self.

'Wholeness and the Implicate Order'

David Bohm 1917-1992

As an associate of Einstein, and as a student of Oppenheimer, Bohm takes the idea that the universe is essentially holographic and that deeply imbedded within in it - beyond the veil - lies layer after layer and dimension upon dimension of existence - that interpenetrates to be inclusive of every utterance - every phenomena and all memory... past, present and future. That each individual has their place in it and that we are at the same time 'all one' - in a process of unfoldment. Bohm arrived intuitively at universal truths and presented them in imaginative models, in the languages of both physics and philosophy. His physics and cosmology were all-encompassing and so far ahead of his time that few people were able to appreciate them. Mainstream physicists considered them too mystical, and few mystics could follow his subtle scientific reasoning. (J Krishnamurti was a notable exception.) This book may present one of the key viewpoints of the 21st century. A must for all scientists and physicists.

'The Holographic Universe'

Michael Talbot

A grand synthesis of scientific and metaphysical knowledge introduces the concept that the universe is a giant hologram containing both matter and consciousness in a single living field. This book correlates all the evidence from over the centuries that culminates in David Bohms knowledge and integrates it with Karl Pribram's the Stanford Neurophysiologists (being one of the architects of our modern understanding of the human brain), into a profound unfoldment for both creation, evolution and the future of humanity. This book is a "wake up call" to humanity to awaken their consciousness and bridge the gap between mind and matter, between us spirituality and the rest of the cosmos. It weaves all aspects of psychic awareness from "near death" and "out of the body" experiences and many other qualities of soul, spirit and God with current scientific revelations.

'The Tao of Physics' & 'The Turning Point'

Fritjof Capra

Takes present day subatomic physics and shrinks it down to the 'stuff of the universe' and breaks through into the mystical relationship of how the Eastern Mystics & philosophers saw reality, which today we can integrate into our daily existence, due to an ever increasing desire by humanity to want to know! A profound 'seeing through' of all of our previous conditioning and the resulting transformation of the planetary psychological make- up. A much needed illumination of psychology and psychiatry.

'Music Forms' & 'Kingdom of the Gods'

Geoffrey Hodson - Theosophical Press

These are important old classics - As a clairvoyant, he was able to see through the "filmiest of screens" and witness devic and elemental beings doing their work behind the scenes - within nature - plus "see" sound waves "make & shape physical form" & "witness clarvoyantly" pictures of music of the masters such as Mozart & Handel.

'Biosphere Politics' 'The End of Work'

Jeremy Rifkin

Here is a being who is the equivalent of what Ralph Nader (also of the USA) is to consumerism. In some ways single-handedly he is offering a mirror to Western Society to arouse us from mental debilitation of where our consumer actions are taking us - consumers consuming themselves. The eloquence of his presentation plus his ethical principles is too much for the average western psyche to absorb, less comprehend, yet it is blatantly simple and to the point. His overview of basic history to the present and the future scenarios that he places before us are so compelling that it confounds one that we don't 'get' what he is transmitting to us.

'Living Energies'

Callum Coats

This astounding book relays crucial discoveries made by Austrian water genius Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958). Like Nikola Tesla, Schauberger's research was ignored by the scientific establishment for years. This 1996 publication tells how this maverick inventor harnessed nature's simplicity and applied it to river and flood management, soil fertility, water purification, free energy devices, home power generation and water-fuelled devices for transport. Every scientist and engineer needs this book thrust before their eyes.

'Diet for a New America' (Read "Diet for a new Planet")

John Robbins

Robbins was born into the Baskin Robbins ice-cream family - but turned his back on the methods employed in the way the industry went about making food products. A real eye opener for those who want to see how we are degrading the land, degrading the animal kingdom as well as the plant kingdom and the resulting health problems that western society is suffering en masse. This excellent book became a bestseller.

'Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet'

Gabriel Cousins

This book deals with the spiritual, scientific, intuitive and metaphysical aspects of nutrition. It is a blueprint for creating the critical mass of conscious people necessary for planetary transformation.

'Sacred Mirrors'

Alex Grey

Visionary Art - that profoundly awakens one to the dynamic vitality of electrifying vibrational frequencies in relationship to the human body, the subtle bodies and beyond. More than psychedelic prisms of light and imagery, this art may quite easily show us the way we are! A must for those imprisoned in conformity!

'Off To Sea'

Richard Stine "A love story"

If ever there was a simple, colourful picture book that told us about man and woman and the resulting dynamic polarities throughout all of existence, then this book will excite and tantalize us back into oneness. A must for all heart filled humans who are coming into relationship with all that we dream of.

The Wild Cards of Planetary Literature, Art and Natural Science.

Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, Dan Winter

We must always keep an open eye out for the benevolent free radical who can always offer an insight from another field of being. These are some of our "crazy diamonds" who offer fantastic insights to facets of the multi dimensional whole that we all spring from.


"Planting, growing and increasing quantities of trees
is the scientific solution to Earth's environmental dilemma."

Dr Richard St Barb Baker 1981

who personally instigated the planting of a trillion trees on Planet Earth.

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