"Our Planet Spaceship Earth"

I encourage you to freely copy this site and transmit it to your friends and family and anyone else - gifted as a relay package.

Naturally, this site and expression is an ongoing, unravelling unfoldment. Let's all experience where such is leading us.

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A Sun Energy Production.

PO Box 2350 Nerang Queensland Australia 4211

Originally Published in Nuclear-Free
New Zealand (Aotearoa) in 1985 in basic form. Extended version published in 1990.

This is the latest long-range version.


Special Thankyous all round for Mum and Dad
and my brothers and sister.

And to:

Adyada Ruengivsesh, Alvin Crosby, Bob Gagnon, Catherine Andrews, Chris Hall, Daniel Cloud, David Ford, Deborah Stites, Dominique Blache, Donn Reid, Elaine Dyer, Etsuko Yamamoto, Faith Sonshine Hibberd-Wilson, Gillian Poole, Jacqui Barrington, Jasbindah Singh, Jay Shapiro, Jeni Edgley, John Brander, Jo Reid, Kevecca White, Linda Logie, Martyn Taylor, Michael Fleck, Murray Cameron, Norma Tarango, Paul Hobin, Paulis Neilson, Peter Farrell, Robin White, Robyn Judd, Ross Scholes, Sandhi Spiers, Shayla Spencer, Tara Divia Okan, Thomas Manning, Victoria Barron, William Bloom.

and my Fairy Godmother.

Kia Ora - Inanahi ki