Will Wilkinson: It’s Now or Never! For a planet in crisis we need to activate ‘local heroes’ like us

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Tim Lynch

Will Wilkinson: It’s Now or Never! For a planet in crisis we need to activate ‘local heroes’ like us

Prepping you for the long awaited - intuitive knowing - ‘Now or Never’ - soul based appeal - that we have instinctively known - (that in this life time) - will finally come to us all.

We at heart know that we cannot stand aside and allow our children and grandchildren to be overtaken by continued degradation of our magnificent home planet, anymore - This along with the moral and ethical malaise that daily via unfaithful (MSM) media erodes our efforts of goodwill, truth, joy and connection.

Taking a Stand

We know that we have to take a stand. Why?

Because there is no leader - particularly in the political domain calling for and standing up for the future of children and the biosphere.

We are realising that we must be the ones to take this stand. At the deepest level of soul - this is the incarnation that we have committed to - to make the shift of the ages and take back our planet as a bio harmonic living Gaian system as well as integrating and dissolving into a loving, holistic global family.

Will Wilkinson who has been a dynamic community activist on the West Coast of the US ever since the late 60’s has said - ‘enough of the old paradigm’ and is visiting NZ, which due to its geographical location ‘sees tomorrow first.’

Another Way of Seeing Who We Are

Will is here to explore and share how we as ‘cells of the planetary body’ can connect with other localised cells and clusters of cells - and self organise our way to creating the trim tab factor* and finally break free of the old thought patterns of dysfunction and fragmentation. By dynamically awakening possibilities within our own being - and across our nation - especially in small clusters of cells ‘we finally come together’ and become an inspiration for the rest of the world - hungry for positive community based change, peace and perpetual optimism.

The imperative being we must break free of dystopian movies and propaganda and instead plant and germinate seeds of heart oriented change and connection - that we intuitively hold so dearly - and we need to do it now.

This very short 55 minute interview with Will, will allow you to feel his sensitivity and his inherent knowingness that this is a time for service to the greater good and the larger whole.

Now or Never - the Book.

His Now or Never book puts a stake in hallowed ground - to gracefully initiate change at multiple levels. With Sacred Activist - Andrew Harvey’s gripping Forward and acknowledgements by numerous holistic and transformational leaders of North America - Will’s lead-in - captivating first chapter - sets the template for enabling this long awaited global transfiguration to finally show up and take place.

Will is taking a workshop on the 10th and 11th of February 2018 here in Auckland including a free evening info talk prior to this event.

Wednesday 7 February OR Thursday 8 February 7.00pm to 9.00pm at 137 Hinemoa Street Birkenhead Auckland.

To Register for any of these events people can PHONE 09 418 2971 or EMAIL nowornever2018nz[at]gmail.com

In reading his book -and talking with Will, I can easily feel that Will is a fellow traveller - a Renaissance initiator, journeyman, crew member, Gaian, inner voyager and lover of the natural world and all biota.

He is happily married and his wife will be accompanying him on his trip around the curve of the great mother - to be with us.

To me it will be well worth being in Will's orbit whilst he is here in Aotearoa - he having journeyed here twice before.

For those anywhere in NZ beyond Auckland - please click on Planetaudio.org.nz - and play ‘listen now’ at 8am Thursday the 25th NZ time and it will stream direct to you.

The Trim Tab Factor

* The Trim tab - is a very little rudder that is embedded in a larger rudder on say a yacht - whilst the main rudder is used to ‘point the yacht into the wind, it then sets the course, but by having this tiny little ‘trim tab’ rudder - set at a deeper angle/degree - what this does its subtly point the yacht ‘higher’ into the wind that it will not be noticed over say 10 to 20 kilometres but over a hundred to two hundred kilometres the yacht is seen to be half a degree more into the wind’ Hence getting ‘a jump’ on the other yachts that do not have a trim tab rudder - it then is at a greater advantage in taking the lead. - This is where NZ can position itself when we have ‘conscious’ governance.

We Are All Nerve Endings of Mother Earth - Gaia

James Lovelock who reminded us of Gaia - intimates that we 7.6 billion human beings are the nerve endings of Mother Earth. (i.e cells) That when someone stands up in the Amazon basin with a sign that says ’No more deforestation’ they are a nerve ending of the planetary body stating that this part of Mother Earth is suffering hugely. Same for a person standing with a sign in Palestine - stating ‘ Peace Not War” - they are telling all other nerve endings globally who see this, that this part of Mother Earth is in horrific trauma and needs healing.

Will is here as a ‘conscious nerve ending’ - to share with us ways to bring a greater consciousness to the other 7 billion plus nerve endings - and who all share breath.


Do you wake up in the morning happy with the world and thrilled to be alive?

Well that may have been the case a long time ago - yet we are witnessing daily a world in turmoil with no respite whatsoever in sight.


Have you any answers to this situation we have all found ourselves in?

With 7.6 billion humans living on a spectacular planet that lends us bodies, free air, free rainwater and until recently a free food chain, how is it that as inhabitants on this tiny blue planet - orbiting a moderate size sun, midway on the outer arm of a medium size galaxy we call the Milky Way - we have found ourselves captive to a deceptive psychological mind game that instead of realising that we all share breath as a global family - we have been programmed and polarised into fortified areas of us versus them.

Every major country is building up arms at increasingly costly levels - as military industrial machines compete with each other in an escalation that defies description.

Over one $trillion a year is being thrown into death and suffering and yet humanity have no say as unconscious governments pretending to be democratic - are not interested in resolving conflicts across borders - and instead obstinately dig in and ramp up fear.

Well as in the introduction - it’s time for a stand - and to hold the line.

‘We’ Are a Grass Roots Evolution

Yes, this is a grassroots evolution - it's the only way we can displace and grow around the top down pyramid model that has set the template of control for millennia. Localised grass roots networks are the key to claiming back ‘the commons’ and it is with your help and commitment it can be achieved. Hence Will’s fortuitous arrival here in NZ.

By being an activated conscious cell (nerve ending) - communicating and connecting with other cells and allowing synergistic energies to synchronistically come into being - this is when intuition and group dynamics inspire us with innovative and novel ways of growing into a greater dynamic whole.

Connection is everything

Connection is everything, just like shared breath - and as we know many trees have deep rooted systems that connect like gigantic mycorrhizal fungal networks of underground hypha - that link with other tree roots which commonly knit as the ‘world wood network’ - They can communicate and collectively manage resources, thanks to “some kind of electrochemical communication between the tree roots”

We now have to become this knowing and resourceful, if we want our children and grandchildren to have a free prosperous and peaceful future as we are at multiple tipping points within the biosphere’s increasingly delicate ecology. Nature does not have anywhere near enough time to evolve systems of balance, change and compensation - due to the increasing global population that has been programmed to own more and more planned obsolescent material products and things.

What Will is here in NZ for is to take willing self motivated us, through three powerful stages of learning.

He has the skills and the know-how to teach us and empower us make this jump in changing old habits and patterns.

With the people that he trains - they can go out and train another group of people - replicating his methods and inspiring us. This is how we can be change agents of conscious evolution - and take us into a new paradigm of mindfulness, goodwill and global family.

To do nothing is not an option.

It’s ‘Now or Never’.



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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'