Val Wright: Natural Frequency Healer and her inspirational song ‘Peace to the World, is a global finalist

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Tim Lynch

Val Wright: Natural Frequency Healer and her inspirational song ‘Peace to the World, is a global finalist

Val Wright is a highly respected Energy Healer and Health Practitioner who has had decades of bringing people back to health.

Val who has been a natural healer for over 50 years, has had her intuitively written song reach the last 10 finalists in the Global Peace Song Awards.

Yet, she says it’s a collaborative work with her Canadian travelling friend Lorna Eastman and especially Cameron Barclay, of the Ten Tenors who agreed to sing ‘Peace to the World’. Also friend Paula Feather who wrote the music, which was arranged and produced by Mike McCarthy of Manuka Studios in Orewa.

This was a light-hearted laughing - interview - that was both entertaining and softly enlightening. Val in her natural healing practice has devoted her life to health, happiness and wellness.

Early Life

Val took up a nursing career but was unable to complete her training as she left to nurse her mother for the last few years of her life, who became critically ill as a result of a contaminated vaccine.

She took her mother to Dr. Murdock Ross, a colour therapist who diagnosed her condition (with no background knowledge) as the result of the vaccine and by using colour therapy he assisted her mother where orthodox medicine was not able to help her.

Going back 60 years, colour therapy was a method of dispensing what is essentially sunlight and the colours of the spectrum to assist in healing. This experience sparked Val’s interest in natural therapies. She became Murdock’s practice nurse and trained under his guidance. Also, she studied reflexology and used this modality to alleviate her own migraine headaches.

Later on, with her husband she bought the hot mineral water thermal springs in Parakai near Helensville. For many years as an adjunct to her healing practice, used warm to hot water to sooth bodies and allow them to take in minerals to relax and heal the self.

All this time she was open to assistance from higher energies and when she wants assistance she asks and invariably - the answer and solution comes.

EAV 'electro acupuncture according to Voll’

Professor Reinhard Voll from Germany devised this method to be able to measure human frequencies back in 1958 and Val experienced 30 years of practice with these machines - especially when she moved into Orewa House where she practiced for 22 years.

The EAV bio energy machine was computerized in 2008 - and things became far more extensive, not only does this technology scan every cell, it checks for chemicals and even emotions that affect your health then corrects the underlying imbalances.

People who ended up seeing Val invariably came by word of mouth (with no advertising) and so her relationship with her patients was far more personal.

As Val evolved her understanding of healing she became more known as a practitioner of frequency medicine ... because we humans though made up of cells, tissue plus blood and bone, we - at a deeper level of being - consist of a subatomic field of energy that vibrates.

Thus, Val is passionate about raising one’s frequency so as to oscillate to a higher and lighter level of being.

Writing a song for humanity

Over the years she has realized that humanity is still challenged by the difficulty of living in peace and understanding. So in looking at the world today she intuitively thought that we needed a song to sing, that lifted our vibes and one that centered on the human heart and brought humanity together.

We now know that every word we speak, or sing and every thought we think has a frequency, and Val, knew she could make a difference in the wider world by sharing the frequency of Love and Peace in a song.

And from this intent she started to ‘download’ words that came to her in the middle of the night so she wrote them down and made them into a song, and with the help of her friends brought about a collaborative effort that is simply called 'Peace to the World.'

This song was entered into the global peace song awards and is now in the finals - out of ten finalists.

Cameron Barclay one of the 'Ten Tenors' agreed to sing the song with his beautiful voice.

If the song is successful Val wants to support the NZ’s Peace Foundation, which introduced the concept of Conflict Resolution to classrooms under the name of Cool Schools and guided by Yvonne Duncan’s work.

There is a huge need for champions of this important skill - right across NZ and the greater world. Once learnt, the children will have unique and important life tools to then take home and teach their parents. The ripple effect will be a huge boost for 'World Peace’.

In this interview, Peace to the World is played twice and if you enjoy it and it lifts your spirit, we ask you to please vote for it.

Voting is being done on FB and you are encouraged to follow the link below and vote for this song.

The song is now in the finals for the Global Peace Song Awards so the next stage is the public vote, which is judged on the number of 'Likes' on Facebook and its outreach. The good thing being you don't need a FB account to vote.

Click on the link which takes you to the category “Classical, Opera & A Cappella”, scroll down to find the song. The finalists are in alphabetical order so towards the bottom, you will see Peace to the World.

Please help spread these Words of Peace and Love as far and wide as possible by sending a ‘LIKE’ on the link. The purpose is to raise awareness that World Peace is possible if we all play our part and be kind to one another. The saying 'Be the change that you would like to see in the World' is very apt here and you can help by sending this link to all your family, friends and contacts.

"For those of you who don't know me, my name is Valemma Wright, I have been a Natural Health Practitioner for 50 years, specializing in frequency medicine for the last 30 yrs. We now know that every word we speak, or sing and every thought we think has a frequency. I knew I could make a difference in the wider world by sharing the frequency of Love and Peace in a song. That is why I wrote ‘Peace to the World’, (which was inspired of course). Then, in amazing serendipity, (and given there are no accidents) - I met Cameron Barclay of the Ten Tenors. Cameron agreed to sing Peace to the World and put his heart and soul, along with his beautiful voice into raising the harmonic frequency of Peace and Love."

Click on the link below and please "LIKE"

‘Together we can make a difference.’

Thank you!!! Love and Light Valemma.

When are the winners determined?

Voting completes on the 22nd of April, a master number and Earth Day. The finalists will be announced in Los Angeles, on a date to be advised.

Congratulations, Valemma, I am going to vote right away.

Now you listeners out there, all over the world, yes, do vote.

Vote for Peace to the World.

Vote for the message of peace, carried on the beautiful voice of Cameron Barclay of the Ten Tenors.

Together we can make a difference.


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