Tom Brown: Is the Universe conscious? Yes! We are not a cosmic fluke - yet the only magic that science believes in - is the Big Bang

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Tim Lynch

Tom Brown: Is the Universe conscious? Yes! We are not a cosmic fluke - yet the only magic that science believes in - is the Big Bang

Tom says the only bit of the supernatural which science actually adheres to is ‘the big bang.’ Yet, we’re not here by some kind of mere cosmic ‘fluke’. For reasons that will be explained, science somehow still believes that ‘dumb’ matter has come together and over time formed us humans in a chance reaction - which is the discursive narrative of the scientific world version of the evolutionary process. Discursive in this case - meaning the polar opposite to intuitive.

Tom talks of the possibility of utopia, the harmonising and reconnecting with nature and where people are kind to each other - and that systems are put in place to ensure that human rights are upheld.

(Listen to Tom’s enlivened description of this process).

Matter and Consciousness

We open up with this quote below.

In 1957 an unheralded Nobel Prize experiment at the Brookhaven Research Laboratories in the US - took place.This had TD Lee and CN Yang win the award for physics, for showing that "cobalt in its observed radioactivity could tell the difference between its future and its past and utilises this fact in making a spatial distinction between its right from its left" - “It is able to choose what direction it takes!”

That we have not heard of this is because the invisible and hidden is not seen as an urgent area of exploration - even in today’s scientific world.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
- Nikola Tesla

Matter and Consciousness

Matter and consciousness - and the mysterious and that which is hidden.

Tom says this subject was closed down in academic circles during the time of Galileo and he explains why - however further in the interview Aristotle too is mentioned as also shutting down the intuitive as he was the first to quantify by weighing and measuring things, and that opened the way for ‘that which was hidden - to be ignored’ - as it was not really - real. See write up of Tom’s previous interview

Knowledge of Higher Forces - curtailed

So any knowledge of higher forces was disregarded and officially banned by edict. This Tom says is extremely important knowledge that very few know about. Hence why universities today focus virtually entirely on the physical - and is a far cry from the original meaning - from Latin universitas ‘the whole’, and not the root word Universe.

Matter is Not Inert

Matter may not be conscious as you and I, but it is not inert and there are experiments that show it is reactive and isn’t inanimate. Lily Kolisco’s work ‘Agriculture of tomorrow’ - one of the great Bio dynamic books  - Many decades of research, working with colloidal minerals and crystallising mineral substances above and below ground during different seasons etc. Working with the noble metals and the planets - Gold in the sun, Silver in the moon mercury in Mercury, Iron in Mars Tin in Jupiter and lead in Saturn.

Many experiments with the changes in crystallisation patterns during different astronomical relationships especially that gold does not crystallise properly when the moon eclipses the sun.

Metals can have the same response when drugged as animals and plants do.

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose’s work with plant sensitivity and anomalous readings - see his book “Response in the living and nonliving” that metals can have the same response when drugged as animals and plants.

Sun and Planets Affect Metals on Earth

Giorgio Piccardi, in the University of Florence chemistry department 1950s and 60’s his book ‘The Chemical basis of medical climatology’. Why some chemical reactions don’t work when what’s happening on the sun and the earth’s related magnetic field at the time. Plus other anomalies were noticed over decades based on the earth’s tilt towards galactic centre on March equinox - that there were dips in readings - colloidal solutions were showing these up. ( listen it’s only a 70 meg download)

Crystals - Silica - Computer Chips - Memory - AI - Artificial Intelligence

The interview covering crystals and silica, crystal sets - a tiny crystal, with no batteries listening to radio stations from around the world - to silicon chips in computers and memory to AI artificial intelligence and some scientific atheists wanting to put artificial intelligence into our body - (Ray Kurzsweil) so that we can enhance our memory capability and that what type of consciousness is machine consciousness (and the challenge of machines having no ethics, normality or virtues)

Tom voiced concerns about AI - as does Steve Wozniak of Apple, Elon Musk of Tesla and Stephen Hawking the Cambridge Futurist - that we could/will become a machine operating system - (just like the Borg in Star Trek and lose any semblance of self and soul.)

Transhumanism and Solid State Entities

Covering Dr John C Lily’s work with the ‘solid state entity’ - an energy that for a better description can incarnate into the equipment. That Tom (like me) says - is anti life - Ray Kurzsweil’s name comes up and his ‘trans humanist agenda’ that is basically heralding the era/error of the time of the machines - instead of evolving the soul and realising a more cro-creative natural state of being. Transhumanism is a disconnection from nature and the natural world and could be said to be based around lower ego. By merging into a computer and just be around forever is like a hijacking of the human spirit’s journey - and blind to the many great esoteric truths of the past.

‘AI” - Something to keep a close eye on.

Rudolph Steiner and his Spiritual Understandings …

That mans mining of the earth has let out elemental energies and that there energies have incarnated into human bodies and these young beings many live by impulse and don’t yet have any real deep inner foundation and so through a progression like - go from kindergarten to primary to secondary and university as in universal. - Tom talks about the chakra system and that the overall picture in the vast scheme of things - all incarnating beings have human rights - all having the right of self development and to choose their path - but as we can see everybody is not born equal especially for self determination.

‘God sleeps and dreams in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in the animals and thinks in man. What is the next evolutionary spiritual step - for us?

Tom discusses this ancient saying that goes way back in time.

Ancient Traditions?

Hamlet’s Mill and the precession of the equinoxes and its basis in an integration of nearly all ancient traditions

The 2nd coming of Christ and the rising of Osiris.

Tom states that ‘we are in a rising as of this time’ - we are at the end of the precessional cycle - Orion is at the highest point in the sky and it is going through these special alignments with the galactic centre.

He talks about events from Hamlet’s Mill - where some civilisations and cultures speak about ‘bitter millennia’ when the gates are open - solstice alignments - to galactic centre and the Pleiades are in here too - this great cosmic alignment that is going on - he says people have been waiting for this time … so Tom looks at astrophysics in relation to the ancient gnostics and the possibilities that await us.

Galactic Influences

Halten Arp - astrophysicist who was evicted out of the astrophysicist community - like a modern day Galileo - was on the 200 inch telescope at Mt Wilson in the USA and was a protege of Hubble investigating merging galaxies that grew out of each other. He was also a critical of the Big Bang Theory.

Karl Seyfert and active galaxies - that all spiral and elliptical galaxy cores go through periodic core eruptions - which could even account for our galaxy also affecting life on earth with die offs etc - part of the whole metamorphic process - That our distance from the galactic centre is 26,000 years happens to be identical to our 26,000 year precessional cycle - so we are totally keyed into this process.

Toms talks about quasars from another standpoint - ‘redshift’ and some wild offerings - listen ...


Tim’s question to Tom - What about neutrinos?

Are these mega trillions of invisible particles that come out of the universe and zip through all living beings and pass right through this planet then onward into infinity … are these the etheric garment of God that is spiritual in nature and basically omnipresent?

There is a YouTube channel called Sky Scholar offering insights about space. 

The God Particle

We also cover the God particle and that the Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest and most powerful particle collider, the most complex experimental facility ever built, and the largest single machine in the world, situated at CERN between France and Switzerland. Tom mentions that when fired up there is a ‘pertubance in the field’ that is in proximity to CERN.

This interview, like Tom’s first interview is extremely interesting and like his previous one is definitely worthy of listening to.

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