Sue Grey: The urgency to educate on the dangers of 5G technology, especially with mothers

Interviewed by Tim LynchAugust 21, 2019
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Groups of people are organising across the country to have the discussion that the Teleco's are not prepared to have. This is especially to do with health.

Recently groups have sprung up in Albany, Waiheke Island, Mangawhai, Torbay, West Auckland - Coromandel, Tauranga, Wanganui, Wellington, Nelson, and the
Golden Bay/Takaka area so there is a grassroots movement spreading like mushrooms - because inherently there is a distrust of corporates, world wide
as well as a reticence to believe in what our Governments are saying and not necessarily doing.  Just now we have Whangarei,  Warkworth and Little River, in Banks Peninsula.


The Controversy

Sue was originally involved in researching 4G telephone wireless networks and that there was wifi very near to schools. Also, that telephone towers were
placed close to play centres - like in one case 5 metres away and that the 'standards for this technology are written by the ‘corporates' who produce
this technology.

She also researched how the standards are enforced - about the NZ Government Advisory Committee and that if you are concerned about the harm - you are
not allowed on the Government Advisory Committee.

5G Technology

5G radio waves are very short but very intense radio waves - and there is yet, not enough health data to support the safety of this technology.

There is also the deployment of telephone towers dispersed at around 100 meters distance from each other - especially in major built up areas like the
inner city - but also across the suburbs and residential areas. Where our children spend most of their lives, including biota - pets, cats and dogs
as well as flora - trees and shrubs.

But, we as a community have not been asked if we agree to having the close proximity of these towers to our homes. What Sue questions is, where is the
public dialogue around this, when did the Teleco's engage us to ask us for our permission?

It's like Spark and Vodafone and the NZ Government are all ready to roll this technology out and we the community are still waiting to have the conversation
as to its safety. Where is the engagement with the localised community?

The ‘Precautionary Principle’

Scientific Experts who are 'independent' who are not profiting from this 5G tech are realising that there are some serious deficiencies in the actual technology
that is being ‘sold’ to us - as well as the process as to how we should approach this ‘new’ technology.

The ‘Precautionary Principle’ is not being adhered to - in the rush to get this technology out into the marketplace.

Why the Hyped Up Rush to Roll 5G Out?

As of this moment - if 5G was not rolled out for another year or two - how many people would it really affect? Would it affect you and your family? Would
the world come to an end? Lets dwell on this, if we waited another year or two to really get clarity to its safety, would this not be prudent? Especially
as we already see so many children suffering from health effects, that doctors can not diagnose as to what is the source.

Should we not also add to this a question around the decline in bee numbers? (The canaries in the coal mine?)

Sales over Civilisation?

The hype that big business is salivating over is driverless cars - well take one look at the coagulated motorways into and out of Auckland at rush hour
every day - what's the urgency of a driverless car or wanting to download a movie or a video game into our smart phone in 10 seconds ...?

Really, is this where the narrative is going - that ‘we have to have it now’ and get it ‘whilst it is hot?’ If this is the general consensus - then we
have to realise that the term 'conscious' choices will never prevail, as we as a civilisation lose our moral compass in a race to the bottom.

The Time lag of Learning the Pros and Cons

People who have been alive for 50 years or longer will realise that ‘old NZ’ - was a country where there was a closer relationship between neighbours and
community. That we once had politicians who we could approach and genuinely converse with. Political parties had ‘Manifestos” - which they produced
prior to an election and that they would follow or do their best to adhere to.

Now-a-days it’s ‘ad hoc’ everything and intentions are thrown out the window as politicians 'make up policy on the fly' and they trust that because the
world is moving at such a rapid pace that any flak or faux pas will have its 5 minutes in the headlines - to then be subsumed by more outrageous news
to be quickly forgotten by the public - by the next election.

With the Corporate Agenda interlocking with Government, as the premise of the eroding of public confidence - we are finding that there is no real intent
to educate the public on this global 5G issue. We are being subjected to glitzy advertising - telling us how much better the world is going to be with
slick computer graphics and yet, all these videos do not show anything of nature - no trees, flowers or pastures green. (see Spark) - Because they
are all being commissioned by head trippers who are controlling the narrative to buy into 5G.

Grass Roots Awakening across NZ

However - across NZ there are concerned people who are aware of the problems that 5G may carry with it. Groups of people are organising to have the discussion
that Teleco's will not have.

Such as recently in Albany, Waiheke Island, Mangawhai, Torbay, West Auckland - Coromandel, Tauranga, Wanganui, Wellington, Nelson, and the Golden Bay/Takaka
area that there is a grassroots movement spreading like mushrooms - because inherently there is a distrust of corporations worldwide as well as a reticence
to believe in what our Governments are saying and not necessarily doing or ... vice versa.

Global 5G Awakening

This grass roots uprising is happening overseas and at this stage it is in Brussels the seat of the EU Governmental Centre which has come out for a moratorium.
But, Mill Valley in California is calling for a halt - Byron Bay in Australia is making a lot of noise and in Switzerland one of the Cantons has dug
in and said stop.

There are many other places, such as in Italy, Florence is pushing for the Precautionary Principle and the Rome district wants to follow suit. Even in
Russia the Defence Ministry has acknowledged 5G’s problems.

However, as MSM - ‘mainstream media’ (along with Google) is all pro 5G - it is extremely difficult to get a full coverage of how many regions of all the
world’s countries are involved in pushing back.

The Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, Céline Fremault, has vowed to halt 5G deployment. “The people of Brussels are not guinea
pigs whose health I can sell at a profit,” states Fremault in an interview with L’Echo. “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards,
which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not.”

Brussels halts 5G deployment indefinitely:
5G project, says authorities, not compatible with radiation safety standards.

How Citizens Can Organise To Come Together

In this interview NZ's Nuclear Free Movement back in the mid 1980s was invoked as an example of how individuals and communities across the country came
together back then. This was when local people, like mothers, churches, disarmament activists and people just wanting a peaceful world went to their
local, regional councils, including towns, cities and boroughs and having them pass municipal by-laws that made each particular area a Nuclear Free
Zone. That over time the numbers increased until there were around 105 Nuclear Free 'Zones' across the whole nation. These covered an area of around
67% of human habitat - that allowed David Lange the NZ Prime Minister the mandate to make into Law, that NZ become a Nuclear Free Country. This was
an example of democracy being allowed to fulfil itself.

Building a Groundswell

This example of community involvement could be used to encourage NZer's to instigate more 5G communities to show the Government our ‘elected servants’
that there is a huge groundswell of public opinion that is not at all happy with the way 5G technologies is being enforced on the NZ public. More so,
that next year NZ is having its general election and this could very well be an election issue.

Elections Coming Up

Also that later on this year there are Local Government elections and Councillors have to be elected - and already mentioned in this interview 4 Board
Members attended the Albany local 5G presentation that allowed them to see the seriousness of what this technology presents. As well as the concerns
of the electorate.

Sue is also involved with Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) It’s an Advisory Panel that brings together multidisciplinary
scientific experts from the Oceania region as well as from other parts of the world. They are connected to many other leading experts globally.

Doctors and Professionals are ‘encouraged’ not to speak out against 5G

As a side note - because Doctors are in a profession with exacting standards - they have to have permission from their 'Medical Association' - if they
wish to make any pronouncements on health issues in the public arena.

In the case of speaking up against technologies such as genetic modification, vaccines, fluoridation, 1080 etc - this is way outside the bounds of what
the Medical Association allows.

It is forbidden and if a medical professional speaks out against such subject matter they are 'warned' that they will lose their license and thus all such
doctors etc are kept on a very short leash.

Hence, you will rarely see a Dr speak out on public health issues. The same goes for scientists and many University professors - as well.

Doctor’s Grouping in Large Numbers.

There is a large group of Doctors ready to speak out - so they are grouping in numbers large enough to have safely in numbers. This is about to happen
very soon.

This is a Global Issue …and we are exposed to 5G radiation 24/7/365.

Science is finding DNA damage - and even our ability to clearly think, when in the presence of wireless radiation. Some liken this radiation to living
in an airport security zone 24/7/365

The NZ Health Act

Legislation and the 1956 NZ Health Act.

It says that they are for improving, promoting and protecting public health.

What does it mean 'protecting public health?

This is where the focus of 5G needs to concentrate on. What are the NZ Authorities, the Government and the Health Department doing to prove that this technology
is safe?

In this interview we learn that the Ministry of Health is interpreting the Act differently and not necessarily protecting public health - but more so vested
interests! (Listen) - even just for the first 1 minute will give you a startling understanding of what we are having to deal with.

Time for a 5G Moratorium across NZ

By enacting a ‘moratorium’ in the meantime - allows the ‘precautionary principle’ to be acknowledged - this to any wise, civic, responsible elder is the
prudent thing to do.

Can New Zealand become a global leader and become 5G Free?

This is a very quick synopsis of only 15 minutes into this very important understanding of the dangers of deploying 5G before the facts of its safety and
efficacy are made known.


How to Organise Locally at Grassroot Levels


5GFree-NZ on Facebook and are places for you to peruse - especially - if you want to start up a local 5G Group.

I enjoyed talking with Sue on this vexing subject, and to find a way to solve the 5G challenge. - Tim


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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