Roger Fowler: Inspiring us to Dream the Impossible Dream for Palestine / Gaza

Interviewed by

Lisa Er

Roger Fowler: Inspiring us to Dream the Impossible Dream for Palestine / Gaza

“International Pressure can and must Change the Situation for Palestinians.”

This interview with Roger Fowler was recorded on Monday May 8th 2018.

Many more have now died in protests not only in Gaza but in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

At the time of the interview 54 Palestinians had been killed and well over 1,000 injured by Israeli forces since the ‘Great March of Return’ protests began on March 30 2018.

The rallies are part of a six-week protest to mark what Palestinians refer to as the Nakba" or "catastrophe" - a reference to Israel's establishment in 1948 and when 750,000 Arabs were forcibly removed from Palestine.

On May 15, which is Nakba Day, and the Israeli Declaration of Independence, there were also protests going on about the US opening its embassy in Jerusalem. A further 60 people dies and the numbers of injured reached 2,700.

Roger will be covering a number of topics that include:

  • Israel’s continuing lethal attacks of unarmed citizens gathering in Gaza
  • Political prisoners, detention of children
  • House demolitions on the West Bank
  • Author Dr Ramzy Baroud’s speaking tour of NZ talking about his new book “The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story”
  • The upcoming 2018 international Freedom Flotilla to Gaza which will again include a prominent human rights advocate from NZ

Roger’s bio:

Roger Fowler is a veteran activist & community organizer, and played a prominent role in building the local protest movement against the war on Vietnam and South African Apartheid in the late 1960s & 70s.

He was manager of Auckland’s Resistance Bookshop and coordinator of the inner-city People’s Union community organization throughout the 1970s, an active supporter of the protest occupation at Bastion Point, and union delegate in the car assembly industry.

Roger is director of the Mangere East Community Centre, and organizer of Kia Ora Gaza which has sponsored NZ involvement in several international solidarity convoys to break Israel’s inhumane siege of Gaza.

He has led two Kiwi humanitarian convoys to Gaza which was featured in an interview on GreenplanetFM in 2016.

Roger wrote the lyrics and the music featured at the end of the interview:

You can DONATE to this and other fundraising for Palestine on the web site:

Kia Ora Gaza:

This interview was sponsored by The Awareness Party.

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Lisa Er

Lisa Er

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