Phyllis Tichinin: Is Glyphosate slowly killing all that it comes into contact with, including humans?

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Tim Lynch

Phyllis Tichinin: Is Glyphosate slowly killing all that it comes into contact with, including humans?

I have just come away from a devastatingly powerful interview by a very clear, communicator - Phyllis Tichinin. This being a ‘two tiered discourse’ - one that validated what I thought was happening in relation to glyphosate, but shocked me to the core all the same.

The other confirmed that there is a fast growing healthy, non chemical, biological revolution of farming and horticulture happening across the rural face of NZ and beyond.

If this interview was played over Radio New Zealand’s nationwide network it would have mothers of babies and children in uproar.

First: Is Glyphosate ‘slowly’ killing everything it comes into contact with, including humans? The statistics are saying yes!

The research being collated from all around our planet is confirming a coming nightmare. It is looking grim for most biota. That means you and your family, animals and vegetation including the elements of air, soil and water.

Regrettably, it looks like the unbridled avarice and corruption of the biotech corporations especially Monsanto, with their unscrupulous insiders - in allowing this cleverly disguised toxin into the sacredness of the world’s environment - is having a devastating affect on all planetary biota.

Second: There is a powerful yet quiet revolution happening across NZ (and globally) that farmers horticulturists and market gardeners have realised that there is another unique way of growing healthy food, without chemicals, called ‘biological agriculture’ that is rapidly gaining prominence over the chemical agribusiness that is taking down our country’s clean green image. (if we really had one)

That New Zealander Graeme Sait, American Arden Andersen and Australian Christine Jones, among many others have been at the forefront of introducing this methods to the world (all three have been interviewed on GreenplanetFM).

Thus, we have come to an important shift of perspective and of action. We are crossing over into a new paradigm not only in land management and connection, but to one of a new consciousness in our relationship to all planetary biota.

Phyllis who comes from California has a degree in Environmental Planning and Management with emphasis on soils and Ag economics, and worked for the State of California in ministerial level positions in energy conservation policy, municipal waste, hazardous waste management and coastal regulation. She is now based here in the Hawkes Bay NZ.

When in America, she met and married a NZer who was studying for his graduate degree in ecology and his focus was on the regulation of pesticides and insecticides and their affect on all levels of the environment, biota and ultimately the food chain. Thus with her environmental credentials plus her husband’s PhD in ecology she has embedded a very good understanding of how the environment is being saturated by chemical pesticides and insecticides.

Her ongoing focus has continued to cover the situation of soil, microbes, water and that extends into human health and what it’s doing in particular to our gut bacteria and the increasing understanding of microflora that inhabits our stomach and intestines.

Over the last 20 years, this has been a major theme that she has continued to deepen her understanding of the connection between soil fertility and environmental health where she has branched out and has her own business based in True Health an animal remedies firm. Where she imports specially made up certified organic tinctures - plant based extracts to act as alternatives to antibiotics so as to assist farmers to wean their farm animals off antibiotics. She has a small farm on highly mineralised, high brix soils with diverse pastures with her cows producing high saturated fats, including cholesterol that when taken appropriately she says are very helpful for the human body.

She has spent a lot of time with biological agriculture exponents Graeme Sait and Arden Andersen who are at the fore-front of a farming phenomena where they are doing brix tests on soils and remineralising them, bringing about healthy microflora especially fungi and bacteria including earthworm populations. Leading to healthy rapid vegetation growth. Thus doing away with chemicals fertilisation and applications.

In South Africa, where Graeme has a huge following pulling in very large crowds to his talks and field days he has had Woolworths the supermarket chain (not to be confused with the Australian & New Zealand group) through their 500 plus stores switch over to only sourcing food and produce from biological farmers under the name of “Farming for the Future, a holistic approach.”

In this interview, Phyllis clearly covers the major benefits of biological farming, having brought Graeme Sait to NZ for numerous courses where hundreds of NZ farmers attend and many more have now switched across to biological methods. This is where the soil is well mineralised and balanced, becoming more microbially alive and diverse and producing more pasture. What this method leads too is better quality and healthy fruit and vegetable that store well, taste great and have higher mineral and vitamin content (higher Brix)

This means higher dissolved solids which indicates that the food is going to be better for us.

By creating food from the soil up that heals people, that nourishes them deeply not just fulfills a hunger - but that they have the mineral building blocks to createthe enzymes and the tissues withintegrity - that actually translates into full and optimal health.

However, statistics from around the world are showing that the percentage of vitamins and minerals in our food are decreasing at an alarming rate. This decline is continuing and it has been linked to orthodox farming practices due the way we have been fertilising the soil and applying insecticides and herbicides to foliage. What this has been doing, in the words of Graeme Sait, we have been ‘bombing the microbe bridge’ that allows minerals to be absorbed by the plant in their ideal and proper forms. This is why plants are becoming too weak to be able to produce their own ability to repel insects and the more we farm in this archaic method, the more chemicals and sprays will be used as we embark down a slippery slope of poor soils, unhealthier vegetation and higher costs to both the the land, the farmer and consumer.

Healthy soils and healthy plants result in the plants being able to repel pests because they are so strong and robust. We need to know that all plants are medicinal as well as producers of food.

Protection of the Environment & Protection of Human Health.

If there was leadership in the EPA ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ especially in the USA, we the global consumer would be far more safer and the ecology would be too.

However, this is a global phenomenon, most countries have a poor record of making sure biotech companies are up front and legally fulfilling the precautionary principle.

With the EPA, a US Government Department it is known as the Global default watchdog of what is allowed out into the environment but it is poorly financed and it is deliberately kept to a low budget. This way it leaves the door open to when the large biotech conglomerates like Bayer, Dupont, Syngenta and Monsanto want to apply for a product to be released into the environment they are allowed tp submit their own ‘safety’ studies that they paid for themselves.

Yet time and time again they have posted fraudulent data, or manipulated it or made up the facts, or underplayed the risks that is has been near on farcical in many instances.

Now all that needs to be done is for the EPA to charge the applicants a far higher fee so as to employ the numbers and qualified personnel to test on behalf of the EPA. For there have been so many instances of even independent labs doing the tests and they have been found out, for fraud and taken to court, fined and jailed, but it still goes on solely because of the vastness of what is happening across the USA.

From a political science standpoint, which was generally the topic of her husband’s PhD thesis that in the US the EPA which has a global standing has never been in a position to be financially able to do the necessary research.

So why is the EPA so short of funds to be not able to do thorough testing? Well there is a cosy situation. That politically from the beginning the EPA lacked the quality and caliber of the scientists to evaluate the industry generated safety studies in the first place. The cosy chemical corporate lobbyists are cosy with the chairman of the Senate Agricultural Committee in Congress for example and they make sure that the EPA has a very, very modest budget and they can never really keep up with the industry bought scientists. And it they do, they usually they don’t last very long.

So there is a revolving door where the head of the EPA or the head of the US Food and Agriculture or some other regulatory agency happens to have been Chief Council for Monsanto for example, that definitely has happened and they put him in charge of approving Genetically Engineered crops in the early 1990’s There are multiple examples of someone from the industry been brought in to regulate their previous industry.

Unfortunately, this happens time and time again.

We now have the ubiquitous use of chemicals globally, remember the DDT spraying of everyone, and then the hurried ban on it? (No, very few do - as mistakes are quickly buried and covered up.)

The ever present use of herbicides and insecticides globally is having a disturbing effect – not only in the rural sector and farms but now in urban areas for parks and pristine home lawns.

The conventional NZ farmer /market gardener today are increasingly finding that they are totally incongruent with the precautionary principle, that when they awaken in the morning, their thoughts are based on – not what they are going to grow today, but what they are having to kill today? Which becomes a full frontal chemical attack of so many different sprays – so the farmers in essence, lose heart in that they are not 100% proud of their produce, because they know that it’s covered in poisons - so they can not really hold their head high and be proud.

Little does the NZ consumer know that under the auspices of the EPA, the ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ formerly ERMA the Environmental Risk Management Authority, that they they seem to have seemingly robust standards, yet they do not adhere to them.

As a result - Agriculture has become a killing field instead of a growing field.

A New Understanding

In the last 4-5 years there has been a greater public understanding and reconnection across the soils, science, farming and health sector that microbes are the key to our planet functioning.

In particular, the ‘gut micro biome’ and their community and the health of these are critical to our own health. Which equals a diverse healthy ‘integrated micro biome’ be it on our skin, in the water, gut, tissue, blood – we need to have an inner ecology that is a reflection of a healthy outside ecology.

Science is today seeing that the human gut microbiome has been seriously compromised by anti-biotics, plus herbicides and insecticides .

They are notching that the vegas nerve from our gut microbiome to our brain is increasingly being affected as a result. This affects our mood, thoughts and feelings - depending on the state of the health of our gut.

Even the risks for alzheimers is increase dramatically. Very few in the Western world have a robust healthy gut.

C section births was mentioned too as problematic as babies born of the birth canal are far more able to cope because they picked up antibodies in the birth canal journey .

To sort this there is the GAPS diet cleanse that may be able to assist.

Marketing of broad spectrum herbicides:

Round Up and its active ingredient glyphosate is now marketed globally by a great number of companies as a broad spectrum weed killer.

It is extremely capable of killing all vegetation other than Monsanto’s GMO or GE ‘Round Up’ – ready, corn, soy and canola and as glyphosate use increases every year now - up to between 800,000 and a million tonnes is sprayed annually world wide.

It is now in our air, our water, in our food, and when we look into our food, there it is. 10 of the largest wineries in California have found it in their bottled wine. So it is now in our bodies and especially our growing babies, infants and children and we have no idea where this is leading us. It is also an antibiotic that is having a slow but continuous effect on our gut bacteria. This is just one of the many impacts that Monsanto’s glyphosate has.

It locks up minerals to the point that it is difficult for our body to get full nutrition. It directly causes infertility in all mammals. It blocks the transport of sulphur within our body and it shuts down our body to detoxify environmental toxins – through the cytochrome p4 50 enzyme pathway which is part of our liver system for detoxifying chemicals .

So not only is glyphosate an antibiotic, but is shuts down our own ability to detoxify glyphosate itself and most other environmental toxins.

With the increase of glyphosate we are also correlating an increase in alhzeimers, cancers , breast cancer in particular – non-Hodgkin lymphoma’s and autism is the big one.

The strongest correlation between glyphosate and Round Up is the marked increase in autism. Autism is related to gut microbiome dysfunction. Plus lack of sulphur transport.

With plummeting fertility rates too.

Phyllis asked the question – how are we going to function as a society when one out of 6 males in particular, but females as well is autistic and cannot function on a normal basis? Specifically - when they need to be reliable, hold down a job, interact with people, this is becoming a huge, huge issue.

This Interview then covers the NZ environmental health authorities, previously it was ERMA and now the EPA who have approved every single application for a GE or GMO trial in NZ that have come to them.

There has been over 60 applications some actually outdoor trials! So out of all of these expensive trials, none of them were commercialisable whilst at the same time ran tremendous risks of exposing the NZ environment to GE and GMO ‘constructs ‘ that for all we know could still be in our environment - hidden away from us!

The fact that microbes are so small and can quite possibly mutate once they are out there , it is then basically impossible to retrieve them. This is what is in supposedly clean green NZ that we were exposed too.

Regarding GE & GMO release, note that no insurance company globally is willing to insure in the case of a New Zealand GE or GMO mishap, because the liabilities would be so vast and could last to 20 to a hundred years for all we know – so they realise that GMO tests are problematic in the extreme. So who carries the can if there is a major mishap? In our country it won’t be the government - who is allowing this to happen, it will be we, the people! 

Over seas you will notice no country wants to pay a premium for GMO food, not one. Why? Because it lacks quality nutrition and who really knows what is embedded in GE food?

However, what is becoming very noticeable is that many countries are wanting to pay a premium of non GE & GMO and organic food. The reason is obvious.

Organics and Premium Returns

Organics in NZ has had a very bad rap for many years, being manipulated by mainstream media photos and video footage to be seen especially by the people living in the rural sector, as a hippy thing or non scientific – this being far from the case.

In NZ today, organic dairy farmers are getting $9.20 a kilogram of milk solids as against normal farming of $5.00 – so the conservative NZ dairy farmer is dragging his own chains!

Phyllis emphatically states that mainstream farmers do not have to wear thongs or jandals or grow a beard to go organic! Or not having to stop wearing deodorant!

In the US, organics is really spiking and in the dairy sector too. There is a 20% increase in production per year and it is growing fast especially with the growth of organic stores and supermarkets.

As consumers we need to vote with our dollars this is critical to where shape our future.

High quality high brix food, more regenerative input and biological agriculture are gaining momentum.

She states if we want to involve ourselves and even get angry if that is what it takes to control our food choices then we need to get involved! Create a small demo and front up!

There are people creating products that are harming us and our babies – so we have to shake ourselves out of our collective stupor and take control of what we put in our bodies.

We also need a gigantic co-operative organic super-market here in NZ to blow everything open!

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