Peter Vaughan: Numerologist or diligent Auckland Mayoral Candidate, his work comes from the heart

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Peter Vaughan: Numerologist or diligent Auckland Mayoral Candidate, his work comes from the heart

Peter can work out a person’s main character traits, tell if they will be re-elected, all from birth numbers that cannot be changed, and through using numbers associated with a name.

Numerology is seen as a universal language of numbers. These numbers can then be used to help us to better understand the world and ourselves as individuals.

Peter Vaughan is a numerologist and also a mayoral candidate for Auckland.

He explains how numerology works and gives some examples about what one can find out through numbers.

Numerology has its history way before the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Pythagoras taught that number was the essence of all things. He spoke of cycles and patterns and waves of energy that existed long before the dawn of humanity, and how our life paths reflect great and eternal laws, whose origins and purpose remain hidden within the mysteries of existence.

Numerology can calculate life paths and highlight difficulties and good times.

We discuss some of Peter’s interesting numerological discoveries around suicide, and education.

Just imagine if we could use numerology to anticipate and reverse suicidal tendencies.

Peter Vaughan was raised in West Auckland, and although he has lived outside Auckland on occasion, he has always come back to the city he grew up in and loves. Peter and his wife Carolyn have 7 children between them, and a number of grandchildren. This has reinforced Peter's strong connection to Auckland, and means he has a vested interest in it being the best it can be, now, and into the future.

Peter has an interesting and varied background, having been a soldier in the territorials, worked as an Electrician on large scale commercial and industrial projects, and studied Soil Science. He has also studied people extensively, and acted as an advisor to large corporates, helping them to choose the right people for the right roles through expert profiling techniques he has developed. This means Peter has a vast knowledge of the commercial environment, and is a solutions-based thinker.

He will bring to the table solutions regarding the future of Auckland Super City including remedial action to address the recent Auckland City Council press release on the Climate Crisis. We have the technology and we must act now to make corrections and steer away from the causes of such life-threatening matters.

Peter has seen what is going wrong with Auckland, and has new and innovative ideas to get Auckland moving.From his wealth of experience Peter recognises the financial waste politicians create, he will treat spending other people’s money with the respect it deserves. It is time to use Aucklanders hard earned rates money, wisely and look at cutting costs while delivering the services our city needs to flourish.

A Newly Led Council with You in Mind - Peter Vaughan’s manifestos

  • Push for FREE, modern, public transport
  • Remove cycle-ways from encroaching on city roads; modify to multiuse foot & cycle traffic
  • Only engage in upgrading/widening roads if needed to improve traffic flows
  • No light Rail. Halt costly heavy rail. Support mono track and rubber wheel train technology
  • Support local businesses as they are BIG producers and employ most of the people
  • Build high-rise car parks alongside bus and rail stations (park n ride)
  • Reduce the number of Council employees
  • Move the Building Consents process to the private sector
  • Address so called climate crisis claims. Stop landfills and dumping rubbish into the sea
  • Eradicate pollution - build rubbish-fuelled furnaces that generate power for Auckland
  • Increase clean water stocks to Auckland by 256,000 tonnes per day from the Waste to Power Plants
  • Work toward FREE rubbish collection as your rubbish becomes fuel for the power plants
  • STOP 5G ! Ensure all Aucklanders have access to SAFE in-house higher-speed fibre
  • Halt all 1080 drops in the Auckland region! Gain NZ support
  • Push for a rates freeze by offsetting the income from power and water production by Waste to Power Plants
  • Introduce new Education system concept. Students are unique, the present system is failing our children.

For more information on Peter’s candidacy, go to his website:

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