Lewis Williams from the Koru International Network for Indigenous Peoples - Globally, Locally

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Tim Lynch

Lewis Williams from the Koru International Network for Indigenous Peoples - Globally, Locally

Lewis Williams of the Ngai Te Rangi lineage or whakapapa, (whose iwi or tribe is in the Central Bay of Plenty here in Aotearoa NZ), is chairing the development of the Koru International Network; a movement for indigenous and intercultural development, whose mission is human cultural diversity in support of bio-diversity … through the revitalization of indigenous worldviews within all cultures.

Lewis is currently based in Toronto Canada whilst this network is being established. Previous to that she was based at the University of Saskatchewan as an Associate Professor, of Native Studies.

In many ways indigenous people are the ones who have by far the closest intimate relationship with nature and the earth.

They did not go down the path of manufacturing, empire building, mass production, consumerism or private property but maintained an open relationship to the elements of the earth, and with all living things within the biosphere … often today keeping to themselves where possible but in most cases they have been overrun by Western man in his desire for either resources or markets as well as power. They see life as sacred and Mother earth as their sustainer.

Never before has so much pressure been put on these people globally, especially now as Western man and technology bear down on them.

You are invited to participate at a talking circle at the Hoani Waititi Marae, Glen Eden Auckland May 7th

WORKSHOP 9.30am 4.30 pm, Saturday 8th May 2010, Boardroom, CCS Disability Action, 14 Erson Ave, Royal Oak, Auckland. Cost $50.00.

Lewis Williams - web: http://www.korunetwork.com

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch

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