Greg (Fullmoon) Rzesniowiecki is a Public Advocate and Activist on TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) Issues

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Greg (Fullmoon) Rzesniowiecki is a Public Advocate and Activist on TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) Issues

Why is this government touting the TPPA, a complex and convoluted path to achieve a $2.7 billion by 2030? In 2015, over $4.5 billion was earned by our four big Australian banks alone which was a 30% increase in returns over a 7 year period. Our country's sovereignty and democracy is about to be lost for such little gain from the TPPA, particularly compared to corporate profit levels.

Since the TPP’s signing on the 4th February the government is steaming ahead with ratification, first reviewing the TPP agreement and the National Interest Analysis (NIA) through the present Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (FADT) Select Committee process.

Over 3000 New Zealanders have provided the government with their views and evidence, at hearings in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland, with more through the remainder of April in Wellington. The report from the FADT committee is due before the Parliament in May. If approved the Minister Todd MacClay will introduce enabling legislation to the House which will amend our New Zealand domestic legislation where it is inconsistent with the TPP treaty arrangements agreed by the 12 parties.

Greg Rzesniowiecki, aka Gregfullmoon, has evolved to fill the role of public advocate specifically on behalf of the public interest concerning the TPP. Born in Australia, and having worked in engineering and as a union organiser, Greg moved to Motueka where he was a member of the Renewables a local climate action group. He quickly came to realise that TPP would make government’s ability to regulate for carbon emission reductions problematic.

It was local government in the form of Auckland Council which gave a lead in the struggle with TPP. In December 2012, the Auckland Council adopted a comprehensive 12 point policy in respect to the TPP. This policy has now been adopted by 12 New Zealand Territorial Authorities who in their territories represent 60% of the NZ population. Greg was involved in supporting that effort.

Greg has also been supportive of local TPP Action groups when planning their rallies and actions, assisting in Nelson, Wellington and Hamilton on various occasions.

Greg says we will have several more opportunities to voice our disapproval in the remainder of the year, however if we want to ensure that New Zealand does not ratify the TPP we need to make sure that the Government does not have the numbers in the house for the TPP and its enabling legislation. This means pressuring local MPs and members of the smaller parties such as Peter Dunne.

Activists also are continuing to promote the call for a binding referendum on the TPP prior to final assent. Greg was central in petitioning the Governor General to ask him to demand that the Prime Minister puts the question of the TPP to the people, otherwise the Governor General will refuse to give the legislation the final assent which requires the Governor General’s signature.

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