Glen Atkinson - Biodynamics Specialist, Biodynamic Homeopath and Astrologer

Interviewed by

John Coombs

Glen Atkinson - Biodynamics Specialist, Biodynamic Homeopath and Astrologer

John Coombs interviews Glen Atkinson, biodynamics specialist, biodynamic homeopath and astrologer on the interrelated systems that govern the universe, our planet and our own ecosystem or personal health.

Glen who has worked practically in this field for 40 years has made substantial breakthroughs integrating this knowledge using the work of Rudolf Steiner as a backbone and extending this with modern quantum science.

They discuss interrelated systems and opportunities for humanity.

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John Coombs

John Coombs

John has spent many years in the natural food industry as well as in environmental technologies. He has had a long life researching metaphysics and subtle energy systems, especially how this influences our health, productivity and creativity. He is the Principal of Global Health Clinics here in Auckland NZ.