Glen Atkinson - Astrologer, Philosopher, Published Author and Biodynamics & Agricultural Expert

Interviewed by

John Coombs

Glen Atkinson - Astrologer, Philosopher, Published Author and Biodynamics & Agricultural Expert

Glen Atkinson is a philosopher, biodynamics and agricultural expert, published author and was the astrologer for the NZ’s Womens Weekly for many years.

He discusses his recent theories with John Coombs of Global Health Clinics.

Glen offers various solutions to the current challenges facing individuals and society. These include simple health issues, with reference to the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner, Astrology, and some of the key planetary dynamics currently influencing our planet.

Glen's theories include new advancements on the energetic qualities of the Torus, practical fractal significances and how the periodic table of chemical elements can be viewed in a more dynamic and easy to comprehend manner which directly correlates to our health and active consciousness.

Glenn's work with agricultural forces through his BD Max products have been developed over 40 years and include simple homeopathic solutions to help produce a better quality of organic nutrients and manage plant resistance to various pests and temperature fluctuations.

This conversation touches on esoteric knowledge as well as simple practical chemistry and social dynamics.

Glen has written 5 books which are available free on his website

Glen also produces a range of synergised homeopathic human health products, which are available online or through Global Health Clinics.

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John Coombs

John Coombs

John has spent many years in the natural food industry as well as in environmental technologies. He has had a long life researching metaphysics and subtle energy systems, especially how this influences our health, productivity and creativity. He is the Principal of Global Health Clinics here in Auckland NZ.