Dr Daryl Turner, World Authority and Specialist in Thyroid Symptoms and Treatment

Interviewed by

John Coombs

Dr Daryl Turner, World Authority and Specialist in Thyroid Symptoms and Treatment

Dr Daryl Turner, a world authority and specialist in thyroid symptoms, discusses how to maintain a healthy Thyroid Gland. You will learn the value of Thyroflex Tests which are 98% accurate and simple inexpensive treatment programs to stimulate effective thyroid functions.

What is Hypothyroid? What are the symptoms and the consequences of Thyroid disease?  What are the effects of the thyroid on quality of life, diabetes, heart health, weight management, balanced hormones, Alzheimer’s, depression, headaches, bipolar, myalgia’s, IQ and longevity.

Dr Daryl Turners simple thyroflex test measures thyroid imbalances with a range of simple treatments for the thyroid gland using simple iodine based programs.
This significantly reduces risks of Alzheimer’s and reproductive cancers as well as improving energy and general hormone health, including during menopause and puberty.

You will hear information on the importance of Iodine for IQ, mental health and cognitive acuity in preconception, pregnancy and early childhood, and learn how to simply improve IQ in young children, which gives them extra skills for later life.

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Dr Daryl Turner. Thyroid Treatments with John Coombs

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John Coombs

John Coombs

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