Bruce Lipton: Has humanity created their/its next evolutionary driver by causing a vast planetary crisis?

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Tim Lynch

Bruce Lipton: Has humanity created their/its next evolutionary driver by causing a vast planetary crisis?

As many of you know Bruce Lipton is a world renowned author and a quantum - cellular biologist that takes evolution to the next level.

He offers the concept that the cell is a microcosm of the human body that we can understand how a cell works (one of the 50 trillion in our body) by making analogies with how a body works.

With all the magnificent machinery that we call the human body, there is no new function that's present in your human body that's not already present in every single cell. You have a digestive system, a respiratory system, etc, - so does a cell.

The fact that we have become disconnected from our bodies has become legion as especially with Western males, who think they are bullet proof and abuse their bodies trusting that Western medicine will revive them with a cure to carry on.

That the human body can also be seen as a microcosm of our planet is another example of our connectivity. Our body is composed of air, water and earth minerals - so is our planet. That a human blood system is 3.5% salt - so are our oceans. Our body has a respiratory system, our planet has an atmospheric system. Our body has acupuncture meridians - our planet has ley lines.

However Bruce opens up in this interview by saying that we humans have to take note – that though scientists have been mentioning it for some time now – the hard cold fact is that our planet is into the 6th major species collapse – that as we have massively increased our population and ecological footprint, especially in the last 150 years– we have not recognised where this is leading us, and continually fail to heed the warning signs.

What science is increasingly becoming more shrill about is that the present loss of species is 1,000 times greater than the back-ground loss. Which means there are always losses, but these are infinitesimal because 2,000 years ago we would have had only about 500 million people max – living without machinery and technology.

Now we are approaching gigantism - where with 7.5 billion human beings we are in many ways infesting the organism that supports us.

Our planet, Mother Earth.

Now why would Bruce be bringing this to our attention, having written 3 bestselling books that have accentuated the possibility that we humans can evolve stupendously fast to become profoundly aware that we can - with much inner change and reflection - become super conscious planetary beings. To choose to wake up to the reality of what’s happening and evolve a ‘new knowingness’ based on cooperation and shared responsibility.

He also mentions how the bio-web, or the web of life that embraces and underpins the biosphere is starting to show signs of imminent collapse … The great coral reefs that are bleaching globally as well as the fast approaching collapse of the ocean fisheries - that we are ignoring at the peril of our children.

This rapidly approaching fisheries collapse is scheduled to hit by around 2048.

Yes we have heard it all before – yet now we have a seasoned voice articulating the urgency. Someone who has a deep understanding of the evolutionary process and its downside.

Coral reef bleaching, he says is like, when we see life as a pyramid – everything at a lower level is built upon supporting everything at other levels above it. So if we drop out the lower level, then everything that it is holding up – drops out all the higher levels including us humans – and at present it is about to fall and collapse.

Geologist studying time periods call this the Anthropocene age.

Anthropocene age is about humans … and what they are noticing is that the atmosphere, the water and the land is being altered by we humans - it’s being called the human interference phase … which we are seeing in all the climatic / weather changes – bottom line we are facing the extinction of the human culture. This has also been induced by the thousand of atomic bomb tests, plastic pollution and massive deforestation of tropical forests, soot from power stations, concrete, and even the bones left by the global proliferation of the domestic chicken were now under consideration. etc.

We have two choices.

The two choices are – to continue down the same road of growth at all costs towards extinction - and it’s looming fast – Science conservatively states by 2048 there will be no fish in our oceans - 2048 – just over 30 years … due to three things:-

Overfishing – destroying breeding grounds and polluting the water.

We have known this for a while yet no one has done anything.

What do we do … because we can not delay ….

The other choice …

Bruce mentions the biological imperative and that it’s built into every living organism – that being ‘the drive to survive’ … all animals, birds, insects, fish - will flee if threatened and when we translate this to the human condition today we are witnessing a global response from people that to many of them - ‘it’s not going well’ and the gut response from increasing numbers of them, are now reacting - ‘knowing that something is going on’ and this is ‘the collective receptivity.’ We know that at heart we are going in the wrong direction and that at present we need two planet earths to support our consumer levels of extracting of vital resources, minerals, oils, wood vegetation .

So we now have a situation of ‘America First and Bruce posits the possibility that the USA will be the first to collapse and break its structure due to its leadership … With a major monkey wrench being thrown into the system and waking people up everywhere - that everything is essentially dysfunctional!

The ‘new President of America’ is precipitating an evolutionary change – forcing people to push for change to a more evolved state .

But when positive fights a negative – they cancel each other out and Bruce mentions the metaphor of – using a positive wire and a negative wire - put them together and you get sparks and fire and you end up with a loss - loss situation.

We can go out against something and cancel our energy or instead coalesce our positive energy and ‘be for something.’

We can do fear and fight or flight or we can do GROWTH.

1% of disease can be attributed to a genetic issues … the rests are essentially psychological and what we are programmed with from the outside world. Plus of course environmental considerations. Coughs colds influenza, malaria etc (seen 14 minutes 53 seconds into the interview after the introduction).

‘We are the environment’ – the Judeo Christian bible says that first there was an environment and then humans were dropped into the environment – but we grew and evolved out of the environment … we do not have domain over nature – we are nature ….

So when we are chopping down the environment we are chopping away at ourselves because we are an extension of the environment. Self destruction and self sabotage are synonymous in our current paradigm and the resulting stress is a psychological issue.

So where we are currently at - is that we are inducing our own evolution. That we have caused our own ‘evolutionary driver’ - in the words of Barbara Marx Hubbard - to force ourselves to evolve to the next evolutionary level.

This is where Bruce’s book ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ presents us with a blueprint to advance conscious choices and make the jump to a new paradigm.

In its 2016 July 7 issue the leading scientific journal, Nature, published a remarkable essay by Richard Conn Henry, professor in the department of physics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University. The essay ran under this rubric:

"The Universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy." As unusual as such an essay may be for a major scientific journal, what really interests us is that prominent physicists have been making statements not far removed from this for several decades, arguing, for example, that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of the physical world. And yet, right into our own day biologists, for example, have continued speaking as if the rock-bottom reality of the world consisted of little mechanistic devices of one sort or another. This is clearly the picture that philosopher Daniel Dennett has in mind when he tells us that evolution occurs by means of "mindless and mechanical" processes.

However beyond the quantum level, possibility is rich in potential and Bruce has been breaking into new realms in this arena for well over a decade.

Children get programmed by the age of 7 that 70% of their upbringing is disempowering, self sabotaging and limiting. We need a new enlightened program that adeptly shifts the focus away from duality with a better choice of vernacular.

Can’t, won’t, shouldn’t - the usual suspects can be re-honed to offer other wiser word choices - so that instead of the child by the age of 5 experiencing hundred of versions of no, stop keep quite, you can’t do that, you shouldn’t go there, you won’t succeed - we get in along side them and offer them other ways at going forward. Have you endeavoured to see it this way? Have you heard of …? This is a way that I have succeeded in. etc

This is Bruce at his enthusiastic best - even when dealing with the overwhelming challenges that are facing us as a species. The aim for Bruce is not to evolve the individual into a new Einstein - but to evolve the race - the human race and we are running out of time and space to gift our children a healthy balanced and bountiful planet. - we are on the precipice!

Bruce then gives us a pointer.

When it comes to the Matrix the movie - if you still have a video store, you will find it in the Science Fiction shelves – Ahhhh Bruce says … actually ‘it’s a documentary!’ - yes that’s right! – a documentary! We are in the matrix now and we have been programmed and the program is that of limitation.

If we wake up we can make an evolutionary jump!

This is Bruce in the flow - he states what is imperative and he articulates it in an entertaining way.

Possibilities await us - all we need to do is courageously question more, knowing that ‘we are also spiritual beings having an earth experience’ and that we have not only entered the quantum field we have always been embedded in it, but not known it. - That everything is consciousness as per Bruce’s recently joining Tom Campbell - in that we are all extensions of ‘the Greater Consciousness’ that Tom, a physicists - so adeptly explains.

We are the change and the sooner we embrace it wholeheartedly the sooner this extended profundity will shine into our life, bringing with it a far deeper appreciation of existence as well as a widening smile to our countenance.

An enjoyable interview with Bruce Lipton - quantum trooper and metaphysical teacher.

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