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Tom Brown: Is the Universe conscious? Yes! We are not a cosmic fluke - yet the only magic that science believes in - is the Big Bang

Tom says the only bit of the supernatural which science actually adheres to is ‘the big bang.’ Yet, we’re not here by some kind of mere cosmic ‘fluke’. For reasons that will be explained, science somehow still believes that ‘dumb’ matter has come together and over time formed us humans in a chance reaction - which is the discursive narrative of the scientific world version of the evolutionary process. Discursive in this case - meaning the polar opposite to intuitive. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments 16 Nov 2017

Professor Don Huber: The facts on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and the Glyphosate ‘Trojan Horse’

Don Huber who has just been here in NZ is also a former Colonel of the U.S. Army Reserves Bioterrorism Research Unit. He has taught courses on anti-crop bioterrorism and serves as a consultant on biological weapons of mass destruction and emerging diseases. He advises U.S. agencies on bioterrorism and biological warfare. He also goes by his word - that Glyphosate is a ‘Trojan Horse’. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments 12 Oct 2017