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Stephen Jenkinson: Will youth of today’s Western world, respect the elders of today, for their future?

This was for me both an interesting and a daunting interview - especially as I was intent and hearing from a very experienced person who had a Masters Degree in Theology.

So how does a human live on a planet or should I say a human being - live on a planet - because we are not really ‘being’ are we?

Growth has become the secular religion of our time. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments 25 Apr 2019

John Aldworth: Evidence of an earlier culture living in New Zealand is becoming more evident

The fact that there may have been an earlier culture in New Zealand can incite a very outraged response from some who live in this country. For every so often, a little more information filters out of the past to add to the growing narrative that NZ may have had some early settlers. That in response, the status quo, would prefer to just bury, forget and deny. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments 18 Apr 2019

Lisa Er: Survival Movement NZ - Is NZ and it's people resilient and motivated to cope with our uncertain future?

I have just come from a stimulating interview with Lisa where she talks about the urgency for NZers and the New Zealand political process to quickly become aware of what may happen if a larger crisis comes to NZ.

She has dedicated a facebook page called ‘Survival Movement NZ’ and invites everyone to come and participate.

This below is what Lisa leads with:

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments 18 Apr 2019