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Tim Lynch: Awakening NZ Farmers & Ethical Doctors - Push back NZ Government - And Media Silence

By Tim Lynch on August 4, 2021
NOTE: This web site is shifting by 26.Sept 2021 - More info soon! MEANTIME go to - every three days and GET UP TO SPEED! :) Never has New Zealand been so divided as of now - not since the ‘racially selected’ white South African rugby tour of NZ of 1981. Today it's masks versus no-masks - Injection versus no-injection. It's so sad ... The NZ Government REFUSES to tell you about sunlight and Vitamin D, Vitamin C and fresh organic veggies plus fresh vital water free of chlorine and fluoride. Walks, barefoot on the grass, etc . They are captured. But more so - our elected servants have now become a regime and daily becomes more totalitarian. We can see this mirrored in tyranny in Victoria, Australia and also with the Johnson dictatorship in the UK. As for the USA & Canada, increasing chaos & division and lack of leadership is everywhere. The GREAT RESET of the World Economic Forum including the United Nations Agenda2030 is using the Covid Lockdown to overlay itself like a dark shroud over and around our planet. NOTE there has been no debate or discussion or communication with the people or the electorate of what 'they' really intend to do. It will be a digital, surveillance, 5G industrial food, trans-humanistic - dystopia, with zero democracy. Censorship is rife, as MSM is in lockstep with the top echelons of the Pyramid of Power. WE the people have to share and communicate this as we are now in a hybrid, psychological irregular war against a heartless, soulless, Loveless machine that has eradicated the sacred. Note that God has also been eradicated from the narrative.

Rob Wilson: Farmers across NZ Protest Government Regulations, Non Consulting, Water Rights, Land Grabs

By Tim Lynch on July 21, 2021
NZ Farmers are pushing back against bureaucratic Government and Local Council regulators (especially land grabs) due to no open communication, or open meetings and sharing of information and genuine consultation. New Zealand farmers, conservative by nature are being conned, en-mass. Though the Agriculture Action Group - can see what is happening, the bulk of NZ farmers do not grok the big picture. I spent half a day with them when farmers across NZ got on their tractors and descended on NZ's main cities and towns. These frisky men from the land belong to - They received a lot of media coverage - but they still do not get that the political parties are 'all captured' in NZ. Just like the Democrats and Rhino Republicans in the USA . These political parties are now mouth pieces for the World Economic Forum that is lockstep with the United Nations Agenda 2030. Groundswell farmers have no idea - because in the rural areas they don't have fast internet speeds. Plus as stated - they in many ways are averse to change. The name of the game is we awaken the rural sector and let them know that voting out Labour for National is like changing ones underwear. Because when farmers realise that upper echelon bankers do not have their interests at heart - they will quickly understand that they'l lose their farms and lively hood. This is super serious and they have to focus, study and research ASAP. Plus some of them have even taking the jab - because they have been convinced by MSM that this experiment is going to save them. This is an SOS ...
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