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Fighting to Retain New Zealand's Sovereignty on Many Levels

As we become conscious of the greater realities that surround us we are witnessing that the sacred feminine in the form of Mother Earth is under relentless assault from the forces of both avarice and control and we here in NZ are being challenged like never before, and at a very localised level. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments Jun 22, 2013

Synchronicity in these times of great challenge

Just before Easter this year 2012, I missed a flight to Australia and lost a precious day, and was then bumped off an Air NZ flight and ended up flying Qantas, finally sitting in the wrong seat, yes that's correct, I should have been actually two seats back in 28A ... this is what happened. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments Apr 21, 2012

Occupy Yourself Now

Today, I invite you to Occupy Yourself, your authentic self, the one that in essence delicately rides the balance between head and heart, the one that honors existence, revels in life and reveres the magnificence of nature. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments Feb 24, 2012

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? Who has the courage?

This will empower you and eventually all of us to unfold the changes so urgently needed today!
We have been waiting for someone - anyone, who has been part of the system - to break the code of silence as to how the system works and to allow us to see what needs to be drastically changed. read more...

Posted by Tim Lynch

comments Sep 9, 2011

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